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New MoP Glyphs, Lightspring, and Spirit of Redemption

The latest beta build gave us an interesting peek into some of the new changes coming our way via glyphs. While a number of these are purely flavor and vanity glyphs (and you guys know me, I love my shiny toys!) it does give us the opportunity to evaluate these glyphs. More importantly, it does raise some interesting questions about the spells these glyphs are tied to.

Beta Build #15689:

Glyph of Holy Resurrection

Glyph of Confession

Glyph of Lightspring

Glyph of the Val’kyr

It is worth mentioning that as of build 15689, these glyphs are not yet available in the beta. They are data mined tooltips, and no Glyph Vendor, nor Scribe/Inscriptionist has them. (Some) Show up in our Character’s Glyph Menu, but you cannot learn/equip them yet. Consider this your disclaimer: Speculative Derevka Post, is Speculative.

Holy Resurrection & Confession

First lets discuss the two pure vanity glyphs: Holy Resurrection and Confession. Holy Resurrection will be a pure flashy, fun glyph that makes the chore of rezzing your comrades a little more amusing. Confession will give you a new spell in your spellbook (much like the Holy Nova glyph), which (under a 30 minute cooldown) will let you force a friendly target to “confess” something to you. This will likely be a /say /emote or /whisper of some predetermined random phrase or comment that will, in all likelihood be an attempt at a humorous comment. (eg. “Sometimes, when I am alone… I like to dress up like a merlock and dance.” )

Glyph of the Val’kyr

Now to the more meaty glyphs:  Glyph of Val’kyr…. obviously  this is Holy Priests only, since it is the only specialization that has Spirit of Redemption. First let me say that I think the cosmetic change is awesome. I’ve always liked the Val’kyr model, ever since WOTLK. However, SoR is a talent I’ve always struggled with. On one hand, you have an ability that lets you continue healing for 15 seconds (25 if Glyphed, but no one glyphs it… or should, IMO). This can sometimes result in a first kill… I’ve heard a number of stories where the Priest in SoR form, is the last man standing and heals the tank/dps for the last few seconds in an enrage or wipe, resulting in a first kill. Or in situations where you are completely OOM, and you intentionally stand in the fire for 15 seconds of uninterrupted, mana-free healing. On the other hand, you have a talent that requires you to die to be useful. Yep… a talent that requires you to fail to be useful.

That is where I struggle. A core specialization and one (admittedly badass) minor glyph, that I’ll only use in the event that I die. I’ve always been in the camp that SoR lost its usefulness in Cataclysm when it lost its passive +5% spirit bonus it provided. I would think that SoR would be better if it was a manual option. Either allow us to (with a CD) to enter SoR and heal mana-free/no movement for 15 seconds— while OP, potentially for PVP given the damage immunity (and some PVE encounters) It seems superior to that of a talent that requires you to die. Alternatively, make it a Holy Priest only “Reincarnation” where we can pop back up (like Shaman) on a 30 minute CD for… Putting us in a Spirit/Val’kyr (if glyphed) appearance for X minutes. (Simiar to the appearance change you get when you are targeted by a DK’s Raise Ally– you get debuffed with Void Touched) – I just struggle with SoR being, “Improved Death”. There has been a lot of Development Time by the Dev Team fixing the lag on the ability, figuring out what spells work on it, and not to mention certain exploits that existed with SoR in the past).

Glyph of Lightspring

Now onto the more drama inducing glyph…. Lightspring.

Now, its worth mentioning that Blue on a number of occasions has stated they did not want to turn Lightwell into the Trial of the Crusader Lightwell… constantly spewing heals out- stating that Priests already had enough smart-heals. (Hymn, COH, POM) Well, this seems counter to that, now doesn’t it?

First notice that it will only heal if a target is <50% HP, and then has a 5 second CD. The reason that 5 second CD exists, is to prevent Lightspring from becoming a second Divine Hymn and spamming Lightspring Renews across the raid. The 5 second CD, throttles how fast it can dole those heals out.

Many forums have already erupted with comments stating that priests that Glyph Lightspring are bad priests, since they need Lightspring to Auto-Heal for them. This isn’t really accurate, and isn’t really a marker of skill.  Glyphed Lightspring is not a marker of a bad priest, per say…. its a marker of potential issues in the RAID/GROUP. Its akin to raiders not using Healthstones. Survivability is EVERYONE’S responcibility. Raiders who die, in range of a Lightwell, do have a certain amount of onus on themselves for that death. However, making it a smart heal it will have to be out-scaled by normal LW, and reward raiders/players who know how to click it and when to click it. Just like if Heathstones automatically used themselves, it would HAVE to heal for less than if you had to click a Healthstone yourself.

Raiding priests should be ready to say on vent/mumble “Lightwell” when big damage is going out and healers are falling behind… that one word on vent, shouldn’t make or break “how you prefer to play with Lightwell/spring.” I personally like Lightwell, as I previously discussed at the start of Cata in this post.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the coefficients for Lightwell vs Lightspring. Unglyphed Lightwell seems to have an advantage given how it seems to outscale (substantially)… then again, the new glyph is still untested, and we’re just speculating off tooltips.

Friendly players can click the Lightwell to restore (((5,735 + 30.8% of Spell Power) * 3) * 1.15) health over 6 sec.

Lightspring will attempt to heal party and raid members lower than 50% health for (5,735 + 55.3% of SP) over 6 sec.

Its those underlined multipliers that allow regular LW to outpace LS, rewarding Raids who know how to/remember to use Lightwell intelligently. I see raiders who either, for whatever reason, cannot train their raid to use Lightwell correctly, or LFR will be taking Lightspring (or if a Fight Mechanic calls for it).

These new glyphs give priests a number of fun color and choices, which is exactly what the glyph system is supposed to be– dynamic. We are meant to be glyphing and changing as we go from fight to fight.

What does everyone else thing about these new glyphs and the system? 

Follow Up Post With Math Available Here:

Written By: on May 13, 2012
  1. Lightwell and I have a very love/hate relationship. My raid team either doesn’t use it or uses it before the pull to lower it’s stacks…. Just because they think lightwell is extremely trivial. Believe me I’ve tried to explain how good the heal is but of course they don’t listen. The new glyph has a few fatal flaws for me. I don’t like how the target has to be below 50% HP to get the heal, to me that seems like the charges would be wasted. Not to mention that the heal doesn’t scale nearly as well as regular lightwell does on live. Helping lightwell would be very easy if done correctly. All the devs would need to do is make using a /use lightwell macro actually work or add an extra button to the ui so lightwell would be easily used. Also only let lightwell be used when in combat and below 90% health. That would only help me and my mean guidies though XD. Thanks for the post derevka :) great as always

  2. I find your idea for SoR as a usable brust spell outstanding. I don’t like the actual form of the talent either though Renew’s too low HpM lead me to swap improving talents for Renew to SoR and others. Failing to get free heal is in my opinion something completely opposite both to raiding and healing spirit. Especially in 10M rainding where any failure often results in a raid wipe. Having such a usable spell would be a great thing for SoR but I think this would also implies to put back PI exclusively for Disc as 25s free heal under 30% haste could be to much of a burst ability especially considering the use of Serendipity.
    On the other hand this could make Holy priest stands out a little bit in 10M raiding since Disc is often prefered because of its preventive ability and raid/tank CD (as an example: GS being ineffective on Heroic madness Impale…). I wish MoP could introduce fights where Holy Priest is vital just as Disc was for some Cataclysm fights.
    Now for the part on Lightwell vs Lightspring I also agree with you that Raid that know how to use it should be in a way rewarded with higher healing potential from the spell. However Lightsrping is as you said also an opportunity to make Lightwell fully (let’s say more) viable in LFR situation or in guild where it is hardly used. Getting my guildies to use it is an every second fight inside the fight and not always work though. However in fights such as Heroic Spine it is a great pain reliever for healers’ mana as well as a life saver during Fiery Grip lasting too long.
    Anyway I think Lightspring should be given a try and ideally should be made fully viable for some fights.

    Great post as usual, keep it up.
    By the way: are you planning on discussing the new version of Spirit Shell on the curent beta build? I personnaly find it interesting both as a preventive spell before burst situation (an improve version of PoH DA spam or so) as to soak up heavy burst situation while other healers are getting the raid up.

    Ps: sorry for my english mistakes, I’m getting rusty >.>

    1. Regarding Spirit Shell… Yes. We just have to wait a build or two to get to a more ‘final’ version, as the current new version is still very buggy and not quite where it is supposed to be. (ie. Crit/Mastery scaling)

  3. I’ve been playing mostly discipline the past two tiers and one of the nicest uses it has is Power Infusion when things get a little tough. It’s been that extra cooldown that holy lacks.
    Depending on the fight it’s very difficult to click on a lightwell and those fights usually have a lot of damage.
    The glyph might be a nice way to give holy a minor extra cooldown for harder hitting times.

  4. When working on Heroic Spine last night I decided to apply the glyph of renew… I was blown away… serenity healing with this little gem was incredible.. Renew was my largest heal for every pull after that.. It even beat out Divine Hymn. If you use serenity chakra, you MUST try this glyph.
    Happy priesting…and thanks Derevka for a great blog

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