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Lightwell vs Lightspring…

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding Lightwell and Lightspring; which is better and under what circumstances. First and foremost, we all need to keep in mind that the Lightspring glyph is a Major Glyph, and we’ll need to dedicate a Glyph slot.

The crux of the arguments have been hovering around people debating the scaling of Lightwell being greater to that of Lightspring, and the automatic-smart healing that Lightspring can do.  Layered into that has been the HPM debate of the overheal– Lightspring is arguably less likely to overheal given that it is a smart heal, and that it targets players sub 50%. HP. (However, the counter argument is that players under 50% HP would have likely been targeted by other healers and would contribute to Lightspring’s overheal.

There are a lot of unknown variables at hand here: players actually clicking Lightwell and overheal percentages of each of the spells.  First, lets take a look at comparing Lightwell  in a 0%/25%/50%/75% Overheal to a fully consumed Lightspring at 0%/25/50% Overheal.


This graph illustrates the cross-overpoint for the number of charges a Lightwell would have to consume to outpace the HPM (Healing Per Mana) of a fully consumed Lightspring (For purposes of analysis, lets assume that the Lightspring used all 15 charges. Read: the number of times your raid would have to click your Lightwell for it to outpace Lightspring using all 15 charges under different overheal situations.

Now, of course, if your Lightspring does NOT use all 15 charges– the crossover point to where Lightwell is superior is earlier than that of Lightwell.  Additional factors to consider would be Lightswell/spring Renewal HoTs breaking early due to the incoming damage negating the buff and forcing it to drop off.

Arguably the biggest factor to consider is the likelihood of your Main Tank dropping below 50% HP, triggering the Lightspring effect, and then wasting a charge when they are hit for 30% of their Health, thus dropping the Lightspring Renewal… this will dramatically effect the HPM/HPS of Lightspring.

With Lightspring costing a Major Glyph slot, inferior scaling to Lightwell, Tank Triggering, and my raid being fairly good at using Lightwell at request… I do not see this being my go-to Glyph of choice unless there is a PVE Mechanic that favors it. That said, it depends on how good your raid is at using it and its Overheal % in your raid to determine one over the other for you and your raid… and of course your desire for other Major Glyphs…

Editor’s Comment: This is currently based upon the information available as of Mists of Pandaria Beta Build 15689 and is subject to change.


Post Publication Comment:

The build that was announced yesterday (Beta Build 15699) has a change to Lightwell’s calculation. Making the Spellpower % the same, however, Lightwell has a x3 multiplier that LS does not have… this calculates to a net BUFF to Lightwell. I will change these graphs in the next 24-48 hours, however the long and short of it is that this change BUFFS lightwell making it mathematically stronger than Lightspring. (TLDR: the crossover point under the above overhealing and clicking assumptions is earlier than in previous beta builds).


Friendly players can click the Lightwell to restore ((5,735 + 55.3% of Spell Power) * 3) over 6 sec

Lightspring will attempt to heal party and raid members lower than 50% health for (5,735 + 55.3% of SP) over 6 sec.


Post Publication Comment II:

Here’s a video of Lightspring on Beta as of current BOTH Lightwell and Lightspring are healing for the identical amounts.

Written By: on May 15, 2012
  1. Charts, fuck yeah! Thanks for this math.

    I presume there will be situational uses where Lightspring is the smarter option to go with, but you’re right, we’d need to consider what other glyph we’d be sacrificing to work it in.

  2. Very nice, thanks for the informative graph. Since my raid group is good about clicking the Lightwell, I think that the Lightspring glyph will basically be a heroic dungeon glyph for me, when gearing up to raid in MoP.

    It might be useful in raids when it’s hard for people to click it (heroic Spine, for example, perhaps, when it can get obscured by all the bloods slinking about and a big amalg).

  3. I agree with Shanthi. I also think Lightspring might be nice for progression/learning fights. For example, “This is when I’d be putting down Lightwell normally. For now, it will heal you on its own. Pay attention.” I can see Lightwell trained raiders being good at that.

  4. Updated with a Post-publication comment regarding the beta build put up yesterday.

  5. The new Lightspring is very usefull in certain situations where a player takes a big hit periodically/sporadically over time whereas the old Lightwell works out better in situations where everyone takes a hit at the same time. One isn’t better than the other, it’s situational. I think both have a place in the Holy Priest’s toolbox, and as for the elitist Lightspring haters, well, Dominate Mind!

    1. Tested the Lightspring out and it seems that the cool down is per player, so it will send out multiple charges around the same time (probably as it scans from 0 yards to 20 yards).

      Check out the example video I just made with two targets:

      1. @Darkener – Interesting. It appears to have updated since my original testing/video. As I have video (I havent uploaded) with 2 locks lifetapping and it being on CD between heals between the two. Not to mention it has a different animation… far less shiny than this new one you’ve linked!

        1. I say we have a Lightspring Party. We need to get 17 people to join on the Beta (US PvE server, Lost Isle) and see if we Glyph Lightwell, Glyph Lightspring and get 17 charges to go out around the same time. I’ll be on as Darkener. Say tomorrw (Thursday May 31) at 8:00pm Eastern?

          1. Oooooh.

            But, I’ll be in my raid for the week. :(

  6. Did a Lightspring party ever happen? Is the SP still the same between Lightwell and Lightspring on this beta build?

    1. Negative. However, in the current build Lightspring heals for MORE than Lightwell. So the choice of one over the other is less flexible, and really is going to depend on the encounter (ie. Less opportunities to heal <50% and more to just click)

  7. Important to comment that now Lightspring and Lightwell heal for identical amounts. The only differential is the ‘on click’ demand that LW has vs LS’s sub 50% HP trigger.

  8. ppl dont want to click lightwell end of story

  9. Unfortunately, I raid with my Priest in an alt/pug situation and I am not able to get peopel to click the lightwell as I would like them to do.
    Lightspring is the go to glyph for me atleast, but swapping mains in MoP I think I am going to scrap it and get the extra charges on my LW.

  10. You people have WAAAAYYYY too much free time on your hands!

    I always have wondered what the heck that hint was about. Kinda sorry I asked…

  11. Meant that last with a :) , of course.

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