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Level 90 Priest AbilitiesHalo, Divine Star, and Cascade

Well, yesterday the beta unlocked level 90 and the final tier of abilities. Here’s a short video highlighting those abilities.

Cascade -  The biggest advantage Cascade has its its amazing range. Thebounces can provide the priest with a unique ability to reach far away raid members with much needed healing. However, it is important to understand that Cascade is the only ability of the three that does not “heal and damage” and will only HEAL if you are targeting a friendly, and DAMAGE if you target a hostile. The other two abilities, Halo and Divine Star, do both depending on what they collide with in their path. Cascade, however, ‘prefers’ to bounce to further away targets. So there is some randomization in there.

Divine Star – Divine Star’s animation is buggy and sometimes will not show up if there is a hill, stairs, or something it can collide with on its path. The damage and healing still occurs, however the animation is lackluster. The shortest range and directional requirement on Divine Star is also a disadvantage.  That said, it does heal and targets in its path twice (once out and once back). For Priests who might have Holy Paladin Alts, likening this to Light of Dawn might be an easy way to learn how to use it.

Halo  - First glances suggest Halo has the potential to be very powerful for 25 mans since it does not have a diminishing return after an excess of a certain number of targets.  Not to mention it looks pretty freaking amazing visually. However, for Halo to be of its greatest potency it grows in power as it goes out… so it does have a pseudo-positioning requirement for maximum efficiency. From a PVP perspective: this ability does break a hostile player’s stealth.

I will need to dive into numbers and figure out which one is ‘best’, however that could be tricky given the ‘growing strength’ that Halo has as it gets bigger.Viscerally, I am thinking Cascade has the best potential for keeping people alive. However for pure output, Halo has good potential  for spread out fights (think Ragnaros), and Divine Star has potential for grouped up fights… (think Ultraxion). Number analysis later.

Written By: on June 2, 2012
  1. Cascade looks AWESOME in that first shot! Halo also makes me /snicker as it makes me feel a little diabolical just from the animation :P

    Thx for sharing these. I haven’t decided whether I want to level to 90 yet. I might just wait for live so I’m more surprised and it’s less of a grind. Although I did test out some of the new glyphs today which was fun:)

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