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Mists of Pandaria: Resources

5.0.4 is  upon us! Soon we’ll be scrambling to do the starter quests and taking our first steps into Pandaria on the live servers. I, for one, am excited. I really am pleased with the level of polish the game has, and the raid and dungeon encounters available in Mists of Pandaria. More importantly I wanted to take the time to let people know about a new section here at Tales of a Priest that will house more “permanent pages” and pages that will be important in Mists of Pandaria. Tales of a Priest Resources Page… it is located at the top of the page here. It currently houses the following: Derevka’s Holy Priest Guide for MoP Derevka’s Discipline Priest Guide for MoP Haste Breakpoints Racial Bonuses Weak Aura Strings …

Written By: on August 27, 2012