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Mana Regen vs ThroughputSpirit Stacking in Mists of Pandaria

Mana management is a huge part of our game now in Mists of Pandaria. Gearing, gemming, enchanting, and spec choices will be pivotal in how your longevity impacts these first few raids— particularly since so many of these fights are much longer than we have typically seeing in Cata and even WotLK. Endurance will be just as important as our raw output– or will it?  To find out that answer you should be asking yourself these questions:

1. Am I spec’d into the most appropriate regen model for this fight? Are you struggling to find gaps to fit your PW: Solace in? Are you getting fewer than (in aggregate) 8 Solaces per minute? Would Mindbender work better for you? What about FDCL?

2. Are you using your potions at an opportune time? Are there a section of the fight where a Potion of Focus would fit? (eg. Phase Transitions with Elegon)

3. Hymn of Hope – is there a place where you can cast it, maximizing the number of healers who will benefit?

… and perhaps the most important question:

4. Am I getting spirit from the most appropriate sources and sacrificing throughput stats appropriately to do so?

Hamlet, of EJ Druid fame, wrote an interesting post on this topic (here). While I don’t agree with 100% of the finer details on his post, the fundamental point and the spirit of the post is true:  Just because you think you need more spirit doesn’t mean that really is the case; you could just need to play better. I think that Hamlet, in very much his fashion (and is why I like him), is very matter of fact and delivers this important message in a manner that could be expanded upon and discussed. So let’s do that…

What Hamlet briefly touches upon, but I think needs more expanding and really is the crux of the argument we should be understanding is “itemization budgeting”. Gems now have an itemization budget with a 1:2 ratio of Primary Stats to Secondary Stats. This means that a gem with 160 Intellect, could be budgeted at 320 Spirit. (ie. Brilliant Primordial Ruby vs Sparkling River’s Heart). There is, at least, some reward for using a secondary stat over a primary stat: double the stat. Does that mean this is inherently superior? No. This can make the decision to gem one way over another a bit clearer– or, perhaps more explicitly, whether or not you want to break or match a socket bonus. Weigh your options.

Other items, such as food, do not enjoy that 1:2 budget. Mogu Fish Stew vs Steamed Crab Surprise are 300 to 300. In situations where it is a flat trade off, the answer is less clear. Is a 1:1 trade off worth the lost intellect?

Hamlet makes a good point and boils down his flask choices to additional mana over the course of the fight. Lets look at that example in another way: A 300 spirit food, grants you ~170mp5. Over the course of a 10 minute fight, that is an additional 20,400 mana. Which is about 3 more Renews over the course of the fight. Or 300 intellect impacting every single one of your spells— more importantly your efficient  and low overheal spells.

Of course, little spirit gains (from foods or flasks) here and there can add up,and over the course of a fight can result in thousands and thousands of additional mana… but at what cost? A lot of the answer revolves around gameplay. Are you playing your priest as well as you can? Are you overhealing a lot? Can you be more efficient? Can you improve your overhealing? Those answers alone could mean you could gain raw throughput (via Int or even Haste/Mastery in some situations), improve the spells effective healing, and actually heal for more per cast allowing you to use the existing mana you have more effectively.

The answer is even less clear for Discipline Priests since Rapture’s impact on PW: Shield’s HPM is directly correlated to the amount of spirit you have. One PW:S per Rapture is incredibly mana efficient… that is clear, even with very little spirit.  The real question is, what happens to your HPM if you cast a 2nd or 3rd PW:S within that Rapture CD?  This answer does vary depending on the fight (if the Shields will be fully absorbed) as well as your Mastery and Intellect levels since that too, affects the HPM by increasing the amount the shield absorbs for.

Now, by no means am I saying to NOT gem and gear for Spirit– this is where Hamlet and I diverge in opinion. Keep an eye on the budgeting and the throughput that the spirit costs you.  Know when and where to pull back from spirit. Know what the COST for using a spirit gem/food/flask is. Me? I am still using my Spirit Flask, however, now that I am Pandaren I have started using 300 intellect food. (Epicurean also grants me an additional 300 intellect from that… so I am comparing 600 spirit to 600 intellect). Why? Because the gained throughput, is outweighed by the regen from that 600 spirit.

Are you starting to feel comfortable with your regen or perhaps are you feeling like you need more oomph in your output? That is when you should be pulling out of low item budget spirit sources such as your food and flask– and, likely, before that point.

It is a fine line to walk… and this has always been our trade off as healers: Regen vs Throughput. I urge you to read the post Hamlet put up however please keep perspective when gemming, buffing, and gearing your priest. There is a certain amount of “gear your priest to preference and playstyle” involved here—- but that perhaps begs the biggest questions in this post:  Could you be playing better?  Are you working the best you can with the resources at your disposal?

“It’s not the size of your mana pool that matters.  It’s how you use it.” – @HamletEJ

Written By: on October 9, 2012
  1. I admit to “blowing the barn doors” off of my spirit and it was all motivated from a strong fear of OOMing too quickly. Starting off with Stone Guard and Feng with 7k spirit (unbuffed) and 13% overheal I considered things to be working quite nicely. But after pushing up to 9.4k spirit (unbuffed) for Spirit Kings, I found myself wading in mana and the only strenuous moments were during Maddening Shouts coupled with whatever ability occurred in tandem. I would have loved more throughput for those times, in fact I couldn’t spend the mana fast enough, and ended with a huge 31% overheal on Spirit Kings. However, I’d like to think our merry band will clear 6/6 this week so who knows what heroics have in store?

  2. First off, great article, thanks for writing it up!

    It seems that gemming, with a 2:1 secondary to primary stat ratio, it would makes sense to gem for socket bonus. But for anything 1:1, I can’t see it making sense to pick spirit over int.
    Using Hamlet’s flask example, lets check some rough math, with an arbitrary 5 minute fight.

    Spirit Flask:
    1000 spirit X .564 MP5 per spirit = 564 MP5 (hmm, that sounds good)
    564 mana per 5 seconds X 12 (12 periods of 5 seconds per minute) = 6768 mana per minute
    6768 X 5 minutes = 33,840 mana in a 5 minute fight
    Hmmm, that doesn’t sound so amazing. Thats 3-ish decent heals.

    Int Flask:
    Lets assume a 5 minute fight where you end up around 45k HPS.
    45,000 X 60 seconds X 5 minutes = 13,500,000
    Ten percent more is a whopping 1,350,000 extra healing done.

    I don’t have any healing spells that can put out that much in the 3 or 4 extra heals I would have gotten from a spirit flask! Maybe Paladins do, they have always been overpowered (ducks for cover!). Kidding!

    To be fair, there are a LOT of unstated assumptions that are in effect in that quick math, some of which may lean in favor of spirit, some add more to the int argument:
    * Would that extra 10 percent healing have been mostly overheals?
    * Would I have really been able to make much use of that 10% more healing? Maybe I am just tank healing, and the tank survived just fine, so more healing power would not have changed the end result of the boss fight. (If you answered yes, you need to fire the person doing healing coordination in your raids.)
    * Am I already GCD bound?
    * What kind of healing assignment are we talking about?

    But still, all things considered, in a situation where stat budget is 1:1 spirt:int, I can’t see it making sense to pick spirit.
    In a 2:1 situation, things get much more interesting! I suspect that the 2:1 budget has been a guiding factor in at least some of the current class behavior (coefficients, etc). However, with the math above, even 2:1 seems to fall way way in to the area that int would still be vastly superior to spirit. However, and here I go with the superstition and voodoo with no math to back it up… my gut tells me that 2:1 puts us in a spot where we should gem for bonuses, assuming the bonus is desirable.

    1. I think you’re making a couple of assumptions for the intellect flask that make that number a bit inflated. For one, you’re assuming that 1000 is indeed 10% of your average raider’s spell power which, given you can pass the 15k mark in heroics gear, is a bit inaccurate. Most importantly, though, you’re assuming that a 10% increase in spell power translates to a 10% increase in HPS, but this is simply not true.

      You’re forgetting that the total healing a spell does (disregarding mastery and crit) is calculated via h = b + c*SP (where h is the healing done, b is the midrange value for the base heal, and c is the spell power coefficient). Because the increase in spell power has no bearing upon the base heal, the relationship between healing done and spell power is not directly proportional, just linear.

      Now, let’s say you cast a Greater Heal with 10K spell power. That’s 22726 + 2.16*10000 = 44626 (I got both b and c from wowhead, but they seemed consistent with the quick tennish trials I did with my toon). Assuming a cast time of 2.5, we get 17850.5 HPS. If we do the same with 11k spell power we get (22726 + 2.16 * 11000)/2.5 = 62899.5/2.5 = 18594.4 HPS. This is an increase of around 4.2%, not 10%. And it varies by spell (depending on both c and b values) and as a function of your initial spell power.

      Now, the amount of extra healing done for a particular spell, when adding a fixed amount of spellpower, can almost be thought of as a constant given by dh = (b + c*SP2) – (b + c*SP1) = c*(SP2-SP1), which for Greater Heal and your regular intellect flask, means an extra 2.19*1000 = 2190 healing. But this number is exclusively dependent on the coefficient and, for a spell such as heal, which has a way lower coefficient at 1.024, results in roughly half the increase in overall healing.

      The actual amount of healing gained, thus, depends hugely on your spell usage during a fight. If you did that for every spell and multiplied it by the number of times that spell was used during an actual five minute fight, you’d probably get a fair idea of just how good intellect is compared to spirit, for you particularly. (If you assume all you cast is Greater Heal, you get 262,800; if you assume all you cast is Heal, you get 122,880. Those are both ludicrous examples, but good at showing how much the figure could vary and why rough math is not very effective here).

      Anyway, I don’t disagree with the idea that intellect is probably superior… but it’s really hard to quantify just how much.

      And thanks for the post Derevka. It gave me a lot to think about.

      1. @Calidyn:
        You are absolutely right here with your math. I did post a cheesy disclaimer that there were a ton of assumptions, I probably should have added something about base heal versus the amount added by additional int, but I felt like the post was already too long for a blog post response. It was starting to feel more like an EJ thread response. Man I miss how the EJ forums used to be!
        I agree completely with what you are saying.

        1. Heh, fair enough.

          In truth, I was a bit hesitant to post my reply due to length, as well. Apologies, Derevka, for trying to make the comments section of your blog into an EJ thread. >.<

  3. From my memory of the end of previous expansions the game is a lot more fun when you are juggling mana usage, rather than just increasing the size of your heals.

    Sounds like they have made changes for the better.

    Gobble gobble.

  4. Isn’t there a big disparity between the value of Spirit to Priests versus Druids though? Mostly going on anecdote here but Druids seem to have way more innate mana longevity than Priests right now.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. I was just re-evaluating my reforge/enchant/gemming choices today and I had been thinking to myself some of the same dilemmas. This helps so much!

  6. Read both articles and thought about this a bit. I am in NO way as eligant, nor a number cruncher as others. But I wanted to post things that have been missed or thoughts I have.

    Healing is not a MAX HPS game. You do not start a fight pushing 50K HPS. Throughput vs mana regen are VERY hard to just crunch numbers and say this or that will get you more.

    Old saying, dead DPS do no damage! OOM healers do no HEALING! If you HPS was 200K in first 2 min and ZERO after that, you are not really helping! Also, Spirit totums and any mana regen ability that uses spirit benifets from the higher spirit.

    Covering both sides:

    As said, boosting output will not always help. If 2 Gheals are needed, boosting a 50K heal to 52.5K heal is not a big help if you need 100K heal! Thats STILL two casts! But more mana regen will be helpful! IF you need 120K heal, (52.5 x 2 = 105K) the output boost will get you closer and then HoTs or a better HPM heal will finish! YES, this is small numbers; however illistrate what the concept is.

    Increasing output does not help during slow damage times, and more mana regen will not help with damage spikes!!

    So comparing Int giving a 150K more heals over a 5 min fight and spirit only giving enough to do 75 K in that time is not a good comarrison! It ASSUMES you are casting like a MoFo! lol As is Priests cast solance, Shamans Lightening bolts and pali’s judge, etc which DECREASES there HPS for MANA.

    NOW, if at end of a WIPE, you are at 75% mana but you could not keep people up, again, not a good thing.

    It’s a hard line ya gota FEEL that your output is enough and your mana regin will carry you to the end.

    No for what I feel. I am the switch hitter. I was one of the VERY few who had a GS over 460 (464/463 DPS/Healing). 1st week I was healing, now dps’n.

    1st week while I was healing, I was favoring the spirit flasks due to me not getting a Spirit chest, nor 1 ring. Our guild thought you could go into MV with a 25 man and only 5 – 6 people were over RAIDFINDER gear Item level! OOM came pritty eairly.

    Now I am dps’n and we cane very close with 4% wipes (still some low Item Levels) and the healers are OOM near end. As things progress, I am sure the healers will use Int flasks as we get geared.

    So just ‘crunching’ numbers and saying X int gives Y more healing and Z spirit gives Y more healing from mores casts does NOT take into account theat all that extra HPS may fall into over healing. And how does NOT casting healz with that int not help during slack times.

    You should get spiritless gear and spirit gear. Use Spirit gear tell your mana bar lasts the fight, as you start having Left orver mana, switch flasks/food/non spirit gear.


    1. You need to go read Jay’s article. Your post is filled with a lot of old “healerisms” used to defuse rational argument. Healing generates numbers just like DPS and Tanking – and is thus subject to math, just like DPS and Tanking. The fact of the matter is, the math shows that Intellect is a better stat than Spirit pretty clearly and there’s no getting around that, except in situations like gemming.

      You need a certain base amount of spirit equal to the amount needed to sustain a basic “rotation” of short CDs and whatnot and from there its probably good to just go intellect.

      If you are going to argue otherwise, that’s fine, but you need math to back it up.

      This is just an anecdote, but we were wiping to Elegon all week until I had our Priest swap out some spirit for some Intellect. Not 0 Spirit, but just weight intellect higher, and we killed the boss, he ranked, and commented on how much easier it was to heal with that stat setup.

      1. I would like to comment the “we were wiping to Elegon all week until I had our Priest swap out some spirit for some Intellect”. With what Dereveka wrote “Could you be playing better?”

        I would like to start off with point out that I’m concidering myself a n00b when it comes to theorycrafting. But it sounds to me that something is wrong with the healing setup and healing as a team effort if the change of priority from spirit to int. for one healer has such a big impact on the fight. I’m not saying that a change of priority isn’t a valid move or dosn’t have a inpact on the healing but could it be fixed by playing better?

        my owne anecdote regarding the same fight…
        I was doing half the HPS of my Monk healing m8 and was running oom on Elegon. Next attempt we hade almost the same HPS and I didn’t have the same mana problems. The overhealing was reduced with like 25-30% and we downed Elegon that same try.

        The sollution was not more haste/less mastery or spirit/int etc. What we did was actually talk and improve our playing. Not indiviually but as a healing team. The monk toned down his owne healing preserving his owne mana and leaving more responsibility to me. I more or less changed my overhealing to effectiv heals also preserving mana and to be honest I didn’t change much/anything in the way I played.

        1. What Picasso said right there is a really important thing to evaluate when figuring out if you want int/spirit. It is not always a stats game… are you playing the best you can? Sure you can, as a priest, do large amounts of healing with DHymn, COH, POH, Cascade-burst/spam;however you’ll run dry pretty quickly… its up to you, and your healing team, to figure out if thats what is needed. If you are having mana issues but are hovering at 40-50% overheal, then perhaps you arent using the best spells for you. Lets be clear, I have NO issues with priests overhealing, provided its not at the expense of your longevity.

          1. That may be clouding the issue a bit. Choosing what to cast and when isn’t very tightly related to stats. Put another way, neither more int nor more spirit will make one a better healer. Shoot, it might even make one worse, burying fundamental healing problems with improved stats.

            In the 5 minute fight example, there is no way to get around the simple math of choosing which is going to benefit you more:
            A) 3-ish more heals
            B) *very* roughly 10% more healing every time you cast a heal.

          2. Logs, and my Priest’s comments (saying he felt like he didn’t need to cast as often and his heals were noticably bigger) made me think it was actually stats and not just playstyle, although that’s a good point.

      2. I got to admit I haven’t read the Jay article you mentioned but I have another thing to question… “You need a certain base amount of spirit equal to the amount needed to sustain a basic “rotation” of short CDs and whatnot and from there its probably good to just go intellect”

        healing isn’t the same as a patchwerk style dps fight. ppl take random dmg and sometimes alot of healing is in a short period other times it’s spread out over a long period. Diffrent fights have diffrent needs. To say a base of regen is sufficent and after that throughput is the only way to go sounds to me like either you have a perfect teamplay ALWAYS between all your healers or you have some awessome DPS and Tank players that never ever do any mistakes or take any unplaned dmg. If that would have been the case for my guild i would have rerolled dps a LONG time ago (although I would like to credit my DPS and Tanks because they are really fuckin’ good. I’m not trying to save my ass here no one of them will read this anyways even if I like to qoute from this page)

        Once again I would like to mentioned I see myself as a n00b when it comes to theorycrafting so I don’t mind you actually explaning how wrong I might be :)

        With that said… I partialy agree with you. If mana stops being an issue go for throughput but concidering how MOP has started I doubt there will ever be a time you will have to much regen, but there will be a time you might get more out of the throughput.

        ps. I used spirit flask & food for the first 2 raids now i use int. flask & food. Since i play in a casual guild in EU we will see if i don’t switch back because today will be our first HC raid :)

        1. Somedude: I would like to question the simplicity of the math you are claiming.

          Sure side by side 3 heals vs. 10% healing sounds like int. is the obvious choice.
          But I doubt it’s that black and white all the time. The timing of the 3 heals can be a difference between wipe or kill.

          Some fights have real healing spikes that drain your mana… you go OOM and then 1 min later your back on 70% mana due to mana cooldowns or fight mechanic (considering the stone guardians HC that we did yesterday). I was OOM got mana enough for a guardian + 1 heal saving a tank. 2 sec afterwards we had 100 tiles lit and my shaman m8 got his tide back and we were back in the game…

          1000% more healing wouldn’t have saved us there the mana for the extra heal did. But then again I’ve been in fights where I had all the mana in the world but tanks died anyways because the shear dmg taken by them and my heals weren’t enough (here we can question could we have played better with cooldowns etc).

          I honestly believe healing can’t be theorycrafted perfectly like DPS might be able to be. Considering theorycrafting is always made in a perfect situation and healing never is. There are too many variables. A general understanding of stat priority and impact is key to tailor fit to your own healer in our raid and setup. Here is where you can call me a noob for not understanding (I would be glad if you did since I want to aspire to be the best fuckin’ priest there is)

          Side note..
          I would be really cool to see a huge mega massive calculation taking everything in consideration and I mean EVERYTHING… the theorycraft of doom if you will.

          All healers gear/spec and stat weight
          All dps gear/spec and stat weight
          All tanks gear/spec and stat weight
          All the possible crit’s based on stats
          All healing habits of all healers and cooldown usage and overlapping of abilities etc.
          All habits of players for example if you have a DPS that always is #1 on fights in DPS but generally take much more dmg than all other DPS players.

          I could go on but you get the point…

          1. @Picasso:
            Wait a minute, you want to consider what *actually happens* in a boss fight?!?! Blasphemy!
            Seriously though, where the rubber meets the road doesn’t always agree with the hypothetical, the theories. One good example might be the scenario you outlined above.
            Where it gets a little sticker in your scenario though, is this: Would you have been so nearly OOM if your heals all had a little more kick to them?
            For example, maybe you had a Renew rolling for a minute or two earlier in the fight. In keeping that rolling, did you perhaps cast a gHeal or two that would have been Heal instead? In short, would a little more meat to your heals have saved you a bit of mana earlier?
            What you described is much like the scenario Hamlet talked about where when we ran out of mana at a critical time, our first (and very natural) gut reaction is “crikey! I need more spirit!”

          2. Somedude:
            Regarding “Would you have been so nearly OOM if your heals all had a little more kick to them?”

            You yourself don’t really show the math behind the throughput there… you instead what if’ed “better playing” :D . Although I’m not going to argue with you here since more healing might have avoided the scenario as well as you said (every coin has 2 sides).

            But what I have experienced is that healers do a lot of overhealing now days. In my opinion we healers should focus more on reducing our overhealing than maxing throughput that usually only adds to the overhealing. Best way in my opinion is to go for more longlivity.

            I might again be wrong and only try to convince you and myself because I really just want to go back to the spell level downgrading from vanilla :D

          3. This is the kind of logic that gets healers into trouble, though.

            “Well, I don’t think this math reflects the real world. So I’m just going to keep doing what I think feels right and ignore the math.”

            Healing is still numbers, so if you have another conclusion, that’s fine, you just need math to back it up. You can make reasonable assumptions that can at least somewhat approximate the real world (for instance, Jay allows for a fairly hefty amount of overhealing). No theorycrafting is perfect – even DPS theorycrafting is often from the basis of a patchwerk encounter that never happens (anymore) in the real world, and DPSers have to make real decisions about which spells to use, and yet that theorycrafting is still widely accepted.

            The only difference with healers is that there’s a lot of faulty logic floating around.

      3. Do to real life and work, I do not spend much time reading posts. I am of the ‘OLD school’ and we used stone tablets to pot so I did not have built in drive to shuffle a lot of tablets to read! lol. Seems I missed a good conversation here.

        Well to your “You need to go read Jay’s article” was in my 1st line! i.e. “Read both articles and thought about this a bit.”

        Also, yes there are NUMBERS to healing, it is CLEARLY not as cut and dry as with DPS. More is always more. I even read a post on a site where he made a Patchwork fight, Heavy movement and moderate movement fight to get some more ‘live’ stat weights. This kind of work is VERY hard to do in healing because you would have to factor in how many times someone steps in crap; some healers have a lot of instant casts/Hot based healing which supports movement fights.

        With healing, as in my example and some others show the more output not always = more effective healz. If I have 15% over heal, an output increase may serve to increase this and not be as helpful.

        “You need a certain base amount of spirit equal to the amount needed to sustain a basic “rotation” of short CDs and whatnot and from there its probably good to just go intellect.”

        Math please, or as you said probably better? This is what you feel?? Divine Hymn is a HUGE part of my healing AND over heal. Increased output can just increase my over heals OR in a severe damage phase actually increase effective healing!

        Also, some fights have VERY damage intensive phases and light phases and you need throughput for those phases. The boss Spiritbinder (Troll) is one where the mechanics skew regen talents a lot.

        As we gear up, everybody gains more health. The 10% more output gets used a lot better later on. You do not worry as much if everybody is topped off if they still have enough health to survive.

        Also, each healing class has different needs and styles! Druids always have seemed to have better mana regen/use do to the nature of HoT healing. My friend is our Druid healer and he has a shaman healer also. He just today said he lets a tank go lower in health because his mastery causes larger healz based on the targets health! And he feels Shaman’s regen abilities are so much better than his Pali/priest and even his druid! making spirit lower in priority.

        Also, as a Priest, would not our priority change if I use inner Fire or Inner Will?? Using flat math that throughput is better that regin/mana would support Inner Fire all the time. However, keeping spirit and switching in a fight gives us the ability to switch ourselves from mana conserve to throughput!

        How about Disc? Their shield rapture proc’s are based off SPIRIT now. Your MATH regen does not take that into account. This will regenerate a LOT more mana over a fight than basic math shows. Shaman’s totem if based off spirit. Did you account for that? How about every crit they get returns mana?

        This adds variables to your math that are not accounted for. For DPS, they base math of each class and spec. So far, that has not been done in the math here.

        What a lot are saying is that flat math will not pan out in a healing model and cover all situations.

        “The only difference with healers is that there’s a lot of faulty logic floating around.” This is so true because healing is such a fluid game. It is even subject to play styles and class mechanics. AND stupidity of dps! lol

        What this leaves us to use is how it feels.

        But I am limited because: “Your post is filled with a lot of old “healerisms” used to defuse rational argument.” However the rational arguments does not involve using the variables mentioned.

        Math is needed but falling on basic math can not be used ALONE as the end all logic!

        We need the math and to consider it in our choices. But you can not rule out other things just because you can not put them into a math calculation when that ‘formula’ does not take everything into it.

        I went out Friday night, drank 10 Vodka/7up’s and woke up with a hangover!
        Saturday I drank 10 Seagram 7/7 up’s and, again, another hangover.
        Logic would dictate that the only thing that was common was the 7 up! So that is what was giving me the hangover!

        DOWN WITH 7 up!!!! :)

  7. I must admit after the first week raiding I quickly switched back to INT food and flasks. You just can’t beat extra throughput, especially now we can actively regen whenever people aren’t failing all around you.

  8. I’ll need to do my own research on this as well. Currently 1/6H working towards 2/6H and sitting at 10.5k spirit unbuffed. Gemming for socket bonuses, dual spirit/(int/mastery) where appropriate, and honestly, sometimes mana is still a issue. Not so much on normals anymore, but Feng has been pushing my mana so far. Though it is nice having enough regen to make Heal mana neutral =) Might concider dropping Inner Will for Fire tonight and see how that goes.

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