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26 Acts of Kindness — In Azeroth

I so very rarely post about non game related things— but I am feeling moved to do this today. Let me explain…

Earlier this week NBC reporter, Ann Curry, said, in remembrance of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut:

“Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for each precious life lost. An act of kindness, big or small — are you in?”

(or click here)

I responded and said, “Yes, I am in…”

This “movement” as taken the internet by storm on Facebook as as well as on Twitter via the hashtag #26Acts.

In real life, I did a #26Acts at the Starbucks I frequent every day… and treated 26 strangers to their morning coffee (picture)

I then got to thinking… what if I could bring this into Azeroth as well- we can make an impact. We can remember. We can remind people about humanity. The WoW Community is generally quite strong, we could do this! Here is what I will be doing: Over the course of the next few days, I’ll just pick 26 random people I see walking around Azeroth and give them a Pandaria Level Flask that they could use and the following message:

“Hi there, I am doing 26 Random Acts of Kindness in honor of the 26 in Newtown, CT. You are number [Number Here]– enjoy. Pay it forward if this made you smile. or #26acts on Twitter. Have a good day.”

Now, I can’t affect most folks who might read this personally in game. (Since most of you are not on my server!) If this post, and/or Ann Curry’s message inspires you… I urge you to start your own chain of #26Acts. A few minutes of your time to run a lowbie through a dungeon, a free flask, a random BOE, or even a simple “do you need a ride on my flying mount to your quest hub?” can do it.


Ok, Azeroth…. are you in?


Written By: on December 20, 2012
  1. I think it’s a great Idea and a great gesture both in RL and on the game!

  2. Hi Derevka,
    I’ve been an avid follower of for a while now, and have just considered using your UI, only to realize that you have not updated it in around a year. I hate to sound whiny( usually I make my own attempts to “fix” broken UIs through the updating of addons in such, but updating yours breaks it.) and appreciate what you are doing in maintaining such a momentous task as the upkeep on a UI. I was just wondering if you were planning to update the download.

    1. Seriously? Like do you actually understand what a “random act of kindness” is? Like, I don’t know, being the best healing priest blog on the web? Posting things over and over to help the rest of us lame healers, who he has never, ever played with, be just a little bit better? You really don’t get it at all do you.

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