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Thoughts on Cata Raid changes from an “Entitled Elitist”

God damn Casuals, ruining the game once again. I bet that’s what you were expecting to read when you came here. Your blood is already pumping, preparing to blast us for for subscribing to the “only 25 man raiders should get exclusive loot” school, and and tell us to tuck our pathetic virtual e-peens away and quit the game. Man, are you going to be disappointed when you read this. So take a deep breath and let me explain what us “elitist pricks” have to say about all this.

Written By: on April 26, 2010

“Do you want to play a game?”

That stupid horse. That Retarded Horse. Everyone has it. It’s an atrocious, Sparkly, Star Horise Mount, & people waited in queues of 4+ hours to drop $25 of real world cash to get it. How absolutely idiotic. So I bought two. One for me, and one for you. Wanna win it?

Written By: on April 19, 2010

Healing Drunk & Pantsless on “/2″

Just a quick update to let everyone know we’ll be LIVE on the Slash 2 podcast this Friday, 4/16/10 at 7 central. I’m sure it will be lots of incoherent fun, so make sure you stop by and join us in the live chatroom. These guys are a blast, so check out their previous shows if you haven’t!

Written By: on April 15, 2010

THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!! (AKA Ava’s thoughts on Cata Priest Changes)

As many of you know, a preview of the proposed priest changes for the Cataclysm expansion have been released. And of course, with any change announcements, the forums and players erupt in a glorious amount of QQing. I’m not sure what I enjoy more – the prospect of what we do being shaken up a bit, or watching a community of idiots & baddies make knee jerk reactions to something none of us can understand fully at this point. Every expansion, one can assume there will be class mechanic changes, especially when new content & levels are being added. It would be a rather boring expansion if NOTHING about our classes changed, don’t you think? And LOTS is being changed – stats are being ‘simplified’ & how we receive benefits …

How to Disco with the Lich King

Ooooh I, I love the nightlife…I got to boogie……On the disco ’round, oh yea. Oh, I love the night life….I got to boogie on the disco ’round, oh yea… What? Disco is dead? Shit, I guess I didn’t get the memo. Thank god, because Disco music sucks. But I’ll tell you what DOESN’T suck! Healing the Lich King fight as a discipline priest. If for some reason you still run with a group of window lickers that still don’t understand the benefits and abilities of a discipline priest, this fight alone should change their mind.

A Dark Nemesis Gratuitous Self-Congratulatory Post

Before I dive into this brief post/update, one thing we did learn about blogging is that your reader is smart enough to know- so don’t try to fool them: When you are doing gratuitous self-promotion, tell them. Consider yourself notified. That being said, we’ve been busy. We completed Glory of the Icecrown Raider on 10-Mans and got our very sexy Frost Wyrms. They’re almost as frigid as Derevka, but way cooler.

Written By: on March 29, 2010

Why I think the T10 4 pc set Bonus Change Blows Goats

Rarely has a change aggravated me as much as this one does. I’ve seen other classes get all worked up when a desirable set bonus gets ‘reworked’ into something less desirable, but I’ve always viewed that frustration from a distance. Unfortunately, not this time. To review, the current T10 4 pc set bonus looks like this: Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells. According to the latest patch notes, it’s being changed to this: Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%. (source)

Power Word: Fail! Podcast Now Available

The podcast you’ve all been waiting for is now available for download! Ava and Derevka had a blast recording this show— albeit a bit racy (Fingers of Frost!!!), we had some great conversation and some great topics were discussed. Thanks for the questions! Hopefully more discussion and podcasting will be in the future. You can download the podcast via iTunes or through the many options by following the link below.

Hymn of Hope: Our Misunderstood Little Friend

I keep hearing the same thing over and over again regarding this spell: “Oh, hymn of hope? That’s the shitty mana restore you have, right?” I even hear other priests say it. No! No! No! Let’s take a good look at it. Hmmm 3% for 4 ticks? 12%? That sure doesn’t seem like very much, does it? The 20% boost is nice, but it goes away after 8 seconds. Sure isn’t sounding very good, is it ? The thing to remember is HoH (Hymn of Hope) works on your maximum mana level – not base. So assuming a base mana level of 30,000 & ignoring any exterior factors such as replensihments, totems, meditation, haste levels ect, & making it very simple, it actually works like this:

Written By: on February 24, 2010

A Quick PowerAuras Update for ICC

I’m really slacking in my posts lately & I do apologize. Work has the unfortunate consequence of getting in the way of my personal shit, and Derevka is making me look bad because all he does is sit in his posh office all day, sipping lattes and writing articles while engineers like me have to put out the fires people like him create. Anywho….these are a collection off PowerAura import codes I’ve been using for ICC. I have a bad habit of running in the door 5 minutes beore a raid starts and asking Derevka for an import code, because 98% of the time, he’s already made what I’m looking for. I also borrowed some from many of my DPS playing guild members that, while I personally don’t use as …

Written By: on February 9, 2010