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AddOn Corner: GuardianSpirited

One of the signature spells for Holy Priests is the ability to use the spell Guardian Spirit. GS is fantastic, however sometimes can require communication to prevent double duty from either the tank’s cooldown or another priest’s cooldown. Up until about a month or so ago, I had been using a macro that whispered my target should I have cast GS on them, letting them no that they have Guardian Spirit and I was watching over them… The downside to this is, should I start mashing my GS keybind and my target is out of range or line of sight, they still received the whisper spam. Enter the mod: Guardian Spirited. GuardianSpirited is a mod that provides whisper notification to your target, raid, raidwarning, battleground, yell, say, and/or custom channel …

Written By: on December 8, 2009

AddOn Corner: Power Auras – A Video Guide

My older post from December 2008 on Power Auras is one of my highest hitting posts on this blog. I get regular emails about this post as well as questions on how to do certain things in Power Auras. So, I decided to do another Video Post on this fantastic add on. The video below will show you how to set up Power Auras to display a notification when you do not have Inner Fire up and you are in combat. I also go over a Surge of Light Power Aura, as well as other priest notifications and handy Power Auras for Trial of the Grand Crusader. You also can click here for the HD version of this video on YouTube. (full screen mode is nice to see the details …

Written By: on November 27, 2009

Because you asked…

Because a few of you asked for this (and it is a good idea to keep it maintained). Below you will find a screenshot of my UI in a raid with the visible mods labeled. Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for my RSS feed.

Written By: on May 20, 2009

UI Updated!! (With Video)

So, I spent a good deal of time redoing my UI the other day and decided to make a movie discussing how to access some of the mods’ control panels, why I use certain mods, and generally show the UI off better than a screenshot could do. This is my first movie where I’ve done a voice over as well, so forgive the “ums…”. To view this in the HD version click here, then click the HQ button for the “High Quality” version. It is much easier to see! (Provided that Youtube has completed processing the HD version) My UI is always available for download here. Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for my RSS feed.

Written By: on May 17, 2009

Add On Corner: Auctioneer

This post is a guest post from a Guildmate of mine, Middea. Middea is a fellow priest (now Shadow, formerly Holy) and is well versed in both gameplay and addons. She often proofreads this blog, so its about time we turned the camera around at her and have a guest post from her! For quite awhile, I’ve known of Auctioneer. I think I even once installed it and tried fiddling around with it and realized I just did not want to mess around and figure it out, curse of the lazy. A couple of months ago, I found just how useful Auctioneer is and why everyone should be using it, or at least something like it. First things first, hopefully you have a bank toon, a little level whatever toon …

Written By: on April 9, 2009

Add On Corner: RatingBuster

I know we all have had this conversation with ourselves at some point on a run: “Are these gloves better than the gloves I have now? Hrm…the gloves I’m wearing now have MP5, however these new ones have a lot of spirit. Which, in turn, provides me additional spellpower. But wait, this item has a Red Socket, but the gloves I have on now have a Blue Socket. No, wait… the item I’m looking at now isn’t enchanted yet, but the ones I have on already have a Spellpower Enchant on them, so I need to subtract that out. Oh crap… I forgot to consider that these new gloves have more Int on them, which provides both Crit and an increase to my Mana Regen via Replenishment and since the …

Written By: on April 2, 2009

UI Updated

I am going to be traveling for work this week, so expect a good post at the end of the week. But for those who have been waiting for it… I updated my UI download to include updates after the last patch. You can find my UI here. Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for my RSS feed.

Written By: on February 16, 2009

Add On Corner: DiscRecount

First, apologies for the lack in posting lately. I have had a busy work week and then couple in some personal stuff that queued up. That being said, it is time for another Add On Corner! This time I want to highlight a fantastic Discipline Priest AddOn, DiscRecount. This mod is developed by Para11ax, who essentially modified Recount to be able to add Aegis mitigation and Power Word: Shield to effective healing. This mod replaces your existing Recount, and provides a fairly accurate way to see how much mitigation a Disc Priest can actually provide. While I do know many healers typically do not like meters, it is important to have a general understanding of how you are doing with your shields and it gives you an interesting perspective on …

Written By: on February 3, 2009

Add On Corner: Getting Things Healed

Time for another round of Add On Corner! This time a focus on a fantastic mod that helps with healing assignments. Getting Things Healed – is at it’s core, a healing assignment mod. It has the ability to have multiple phases, Disconnect Notifications, Whisper Assignments, Broadcast Assignments and more. GTH is available here. Here is a basic screenshot of the config window, accessible via /gth Sample Gothik (25 Man) Assignment Screen As you can see, the mod also scans the talent trees of your raid members and places an icon next to their name based on their spec. For example: Tulock, a Disc Priest, has the Penance icon next to his name, and I have the Circle of Healing icon next to my name. This makes doing assignments quite easy. …

Written By: on January 5, 2009

Add On Corner: Power Auras

EDIT: December 2009 – In Addition to the Information in this post, there is a Video Post Here Add On Corner will be a reoccuring entry where I hope to focus on really good mods that I’ve found to be very helpful. This should go in tandem with my earlier post about Add Ons. The first entry will be focusing on Power Auras. This is a fantastic Mod that will help every class manage their Proc’d abilities, but specifically I love this for Holy Priests. Mainly because it helps me know when I get Surge of Light and Holy Concentration. What Power Auras does is provide a graphical cue (and optional sound effect) when you proc an abilility, buff, talent, etc… For Holy Priests this is a huge help when …

Written By: on December 18, 2008