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Priesting Discipline or HolyOur Healing Duality

One of the things that Avalonna and myself have always said is that we are not “Disc Priests” or “Holy Priests” we are “Healing Priests”. What this means is, of course, we both play both specs regularly. However, the biggest part of this is that we have the flexibility to play both at will, when the fight commands it. Certain fights have components that will ‘favor’ one spec over the other; lets discuss what you need to keep in mind when deciding when you’ll want one over the other. Many priests have both specs, and play both specs- what I aim to discuss here is the questions and considerations you should be making when you decide to play one spec over the other for certain encounters. Healing vs Mitigation Healing and Mitigation …

Written By: on February 15, 2011

Lightwell is a Raid CooldownFrom LOLWell to Raid Saver

We’ve talked about Lightwell a little bit in the past, and by now we’ve all come to love and respect Lightwell. Lightwell is our friend. Lightwell has come a long way from the, “Why did you waste a talent point on this spell?”. Lightwell is a raid cooldown. What do I mean by that? While, yes, Lightwell is a great tool to plop down and enable your raid to heal themselves, it is more than just that. Lightwell can be used as a raid cooldown– Much like Divine Hymn, Tranquility, Power Word: Barrier, and Divine Sacrifice. Lightwell isn’t the same as these aforementioned spells in every sense, however it is a cooldown that smart holy priests (and by proxy their raid members) can use to add to the survivability of …

Written By: on January 18, 2011

Raiding Holy Priest Specs – ReduxDerevka's Holy Spec

726 Gold. What’s that? The total amount of Gold I have spent since hitting 85 tuning just my Holy Spec. That is eleven 66 gold respecs.  Could it be me being fickle? Yes– and let’s be real here: I can be fickle and indescisive. (Just look at the total gold spent in the Barbershop and the total numbre of race changes I’ve done!) Joking aside, it is me testing out different spec options and seeing which seem to work best for me and my raid group. As a general rule, there is very little flexibility in the ‘bookends of our spec’. The real questions come in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tiers of the tree- and therefore have the most flexibility. You need to remember to spec to how you are going …

Written By: on January 4, 2011