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Tunnel Vision – A Healer’s Bane

Is your UI set up contributing to tunnel vision? As a raiding healer, and perhaps a moderately obsessed UI fan – I find it always important to be certain that my UI is providing me the information that I need. The most important piece of information is the health and well being of your raid through raidframes. I would say the vast majority of healers use either Grid or Healbot as their raidframes. Personally, I prefer Grid over healbot for a number of reasons, but that is not what we really need to discuss here today.

Written By: on December 31, 2009

"You feel lucky, Punk?" – 3.3 Random Dungeon Impressions

With 3.3 arrived a new Looking for Group tool, and the ability to group with random people from other servers. To entice the skeptics and Pug-o-phobes into trying this new system, they offered a pretty tasty carrot on a stick –a title of “The Patient” for grouping with 50 random people, and the perky pug pet for grouping with 100. Oh, and two emblems of Frost for your first random dungeon of the day, but does that really compare to a pug pet in a spike harness that drags its ass across the floor?

Written By: on December 29, 2009

Healing Icecrown: Storming the Citadel

After doing both the 10 and 25 man versions of the first four bosses of Icecrown, I wanted to share a few notes with everyone for the first four bosses on our march to Arthas. Trash – Rep Grind for Ashen Verdict Rings! Joking aside, the trash in here is actually kind of tricky. Be aware that the Giant Skeleton mobs have a AOE interrupt, there is a non-interruptable cast bar so you can see it coming – but also note that when they start casting this spell, it looks like they are casting a lightning spell. Keep an eye out!The Nerubian mobs in Deathwhiper’s room have a life leech not unlike what General Vezax has in Ulduar. Spread out, and if you get the debuff… please move.

Written By: on December 15, 2009

Get your hands off my gear, you Damn Dirty Healer!

As I’m sure most priests in a DKP raiding guild can sympathize, competing against other healers for your pretty trinkets, gear & weapons just sucks…hell, it flat out blows goats. Resto druids, resto shamans, & holy paladins pretty much have a monopoly on their non token gear. The Ret or prot paladin won’t be bidding on that spell power chest, the feral or balance druid probably aren’t interested in the leather healing legs, and the Enhance shaman really couldn’t care less about those healing boots. Most of the time, those healers are getting those items for the minimum bid because of lack of competition. Priests, on the other hand, are the only class with TWO healing trees – we’re already competing with ourselves. Throw in the fact the alot of …

Written By: on December 2, 2009

The Trashman Cometh…

You know, I never thought I would hear myself say this, but: I actually miss trash packs in Raids. Blasphemy! Heresy! Lunacy! I know… They are called ‘trash’ for a reason, right? They are just an annoying roadblock in the way of the epics, right? Perhaps… but I do think there is a good bit more to trash than just being timesink. My guild has an IRC channel that many of us camp in during the work day, and a conversation that came up recently was about the nostalgia of trash packs. Many people feel that Trial of the Crusader (and Grand Crusader) really was filler content between Ulduar and Icecrown. Coming to a raid and seeing the same room boss after boss after boss, isn’t a whole lot of …

Written By: on November 24, 2009

It’s InSaNiTy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Tuesday night we did it. A week too late for server first, but done none the less. Had we swallowed our pride and added some healers, perhaps we would have gotten this 4 weeks ago, but, lesson learned. All signs were pointing to “No way in Hell is this happening tonight” when we started. Our Death Knight tank died THREE times on the NRB Jomunger Worms. His health dropped like a rock. We rez him and BAM – down again. WTF, rez him again! He grabs the worm and BAM – he went down like a $3 whore. Well, now the healers are freaking out at this point – what are we doing wrong? We manage to scrape through the fight, and before we can even discuss it, he …

Written By: on November 18, 2009

The Sting of Defeat

When you’re a progression raider, being beat to a kill can smart, especially when you realize you may have become sloppy for the simple reason of underestimating your closest competition. Our guild killed Heroic Anub(25) well over a month ago, with a Tribute to skill. We followed up with a Tribute to Madness a week later and then week after week of 49/50 clears. Last week another guild on the server finally got down Anub and this week, nabbed the 50/50 Insanity title. Disappointing? Oh yes. It stings when you rack first kill after first kill, and let the big one slip away. It’s disheartening, but in situations like this, you need to remember a few things: It IS just a game. Losing a kill or a server first does …

Written By: on November 11, 2009

3.2 PTR Part 1 – Prayer of Healing Changes

The PTR notes have been posted, and I am sure they will change at least once, twice, several times. So let’s approach these changes with the perspective that, in all likelihood, we’ll be seeing several changes in these notes before they actually go live. With the flurry of posts, forum topics, and guild chat discussions about 3.2 I figured it was about time I put my 2 copper in on this topic. I’ll be doing analysis over the next few days putting attention on each of the major changes. Today I want to focus on the changes made to Prayer of Healing. Prayer of Healing: The percentage of spell power this spell gains in healing (per target) has been reduced from 80.7% to 52.6%. The Prayer of Healing change screams …

Written By: on June 22, 2009

On Changing Guilds and an Update

First, apologies for the long hiatus on posts! I’ve been busy adjusting to my a new guild— after over 3 years with my old guild. Its been a long, but good transition. Switching guilds is not an easy task, especially when you have close personal ties with many people there. I won’t get into the details as to why I chose to leave my old guild – I left for a number of reasons and I take nothing but good friends and good memories from the experience. I have been lucky and found a new home pretty easily and it is with a guild that has a number of people with whom I am already friends. However, that only represents a small percentage of a 25-Man raid. Being a new …

Written By: on June 16, 2009

3.1 Priest Specs – Redux

3.1 has been out for a while and now that we’ve all had a good feel for our specs its time to re-evaluate what we’ve been using. In my previous post, I alluded to two different healing specs: One Holy and One Disc. I’ve found my Disc spec to be exactly what I expected it to be, and its what I use now as Disc, however my Holy spec in that post has notably changed. I have been raiding mainly as Holy lately, and have tweaked my Holy build considerably since 3.1 launch. Derevka’s Holy Spec 2.0 – 14/57/0This spec has a lot of the standards that you would normally see in a PVE raiding spec (Spirit of Redemption, Spiritual Healing, Empowered Renew), but you probably noticed right off the …

Written By: on May 12, 2009