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Circle of Healing and Cooldowns

Circle of Healing has been through the gambit of changes from Alpha, to Beta, to 3.0, and soon to be Wrath. From instant with no cooldown, to a 10 sec cooldown, to a 6 sec cooldown, back to instant. Well based on some information from Ghostcrawler, it looks like we are going to see a change. “Circle of Healing / Wild Growth / Chain HealBased on feedback from this forum, elsewhere and our own brainstorming, what we are thinking about right now is something like a 6 sec cooldown for Circle of Healing and Wild Growth. We’re less concerned about Chain Heal, in part because it’s not instant, prevents movement, falls off with multiple targets, and is the spell that shamans are supposed to be hitting, while priests and druids …

Written By: on November 7, 2008