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Lightwell is a Raid CooldownFrom LOLWell to Raid Saver

We’ve talked about Lightwell a little bit in the past, and by now we’ve all come to love and respect Lightwell. Lightwell is our friend. Lightwell has come a long way from the, “Why did you waste a talent point on this spell?”. Lightwell is a raid cooldown. What do I mean by that? While, yes, Lightwell is a great tool to plop down and enable your raid to heal themselves, it is more than just that. Lightwell can be used as a raid cooldown– Much like Divine Hymn, Tranquility, Power Word: Barrier, and Divine Sacrifice. Lightwell isn’t the same as these aforementioned spells in every sense, however it is a cooldown that smart holy priests (and by proxy their raid members) can use to add to the survivability of …

Written By: on January 18, 2011

Flash Heal: Concentration Potions

Just a quick note to point out what I’m seeing as a very overlooked potion: Potion of Concentration. Like many of the tools at our disposal, these can be extremely powerful when used properly. The possible 22,000 mana return is much more than a mythical mana potion, but unlike the mana potion, the return is not an instant gain: Mana is restored over ten seconds, during which you are “channeling”. You can interrupt the effect at anytime, but not letting it tick for the full duration obviously will not net you a maximum return. Because of this mechanic, this is not a “use it anytime” potion. Rather, understanding your encounters will let you identify when you can use this. Periods of light healing or down time are perfect, such as …

Written By: on January 6, 2011

Raiding Holy Priest Specs – ReduxDerevka's Holy Spec

726 Gold. What’s that? The total amount of Gold I have spent since hitting 85 tuning just my Holy Spec. That is eleven 66 gold respecs.  Could it be me being fickle? Yes– and let’s be real here: I can be fickle and indescisive. (Just look at the total gold spent in the Barbershop and the total numbre of race changes I’ve done!) Joking aside, it is me testing out different spec options and seeing which seem to work best for me and my raid group. As a general rule, there is very little flexibility in the ‘bookends of our spec’. The real questions come in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tiers of the tree- and therefore have the most flexibility. You need to remember to spec to how you are going …

Written By: on January 4, 2011

Flash Heal: Leap of FaithThe Raid Saver

First, I want to introduce everyone to a new article type here at Tales of a Priest: Flash Heal. Flash Heal is a short, quick, and easy to understand post. Flash Heal is something you can easily read on a flight path. Flash Heal is meant to be less involved and detailed than a full article you are used to seeing here at Tales. Flash Heal will be a post that will give you some form of tip, trick, or gem of insight on anything from a spell to a boss mechanic. Leap of Faith, (aka. Lifegrip) I will admit, really wasn’t something I was looking forward to when first announced. Why is it MY job to pull YOU out of your own stupidity? Someone standing in Valiona’s flame breath? …

Written By: on December 30, 2010

The Cataclysmic State of DiscBaby, it's not you - it's me

First off, I know what you’re going to say. Just stop right there and wipe that smug look off your face. I blame all of you for me being here. That’s right – YOU.  All your chitter chatter on twitter and facebook. The emails. The previews. That fiendish asshole Derevka singing how amazing I am, & bribing me with a baby boomkin pet. IT’S SO FUCKING CUTE HOW CAN I RESIST???!!! Add in the fact that once I left, he tried “classing” the site up by adding doilies & curtains everywhere, and now it looks like this – enough is enough. Don’t expect me to match him post for post -I’m simply back to bring the trash to his class, so get the “I told you so’s” out of your …

Written By: on December 28, 2010

Holy Priest Gearing & Stat PriorityGearing Your Holy Priest in Cataclysm

**Note the date of this post and stat priorities have changed as the expansion has progressed, talents have changed, and encounters developed** Gearing your priest for Holy will be daunting at first and you’ll need to prioritize the stats you want to get. Generally speaking, if you have just hit 85 and are fighting your way through 5 Man Normals and Heroics, you’ll want to gear for regen. This means Spirit. Lots and lots of Spirit. (Remember you can reforge those dual stat items from Crit/Haste to include Spirit!). Once you have gotten to a point where you are comfortable with your regen and you are keeping your raid alive, you can start seeking out other stats. In starter Heroics, I started to feel comfortable in the 1800-2000 Spirit range. …

Written By: on December 16, 2010

Triage HealingLightwell and an Open Letter to DPS

Traige healing is here! What does this mean to you? Mainly, it means you need to get used to the fact that you will not see your raid at 100% HP at all times. This could take you some time to get used to, and you’ll have to resist the urges to immediately top off all the members of your raid — if you try to, you’ll find mana pool bone dry and your tank getting decimated by the boss. Mana conservation is the name of the game here. Not only do you need to get comfortable with always seeing your raid not at 100% HP, but also your raid does too.  I am looking at you, DPS… Everyone has exceptionally higher health pools than we did in Wrath. This …

Written By: on December 14, 2010

New Blog Design is Live!

With Cataclysm comes a lot of changes in Azeroth, as does come a lot of changes here at Tales of a Priest! As you can see the blog has a new face. I’m really pleased with how it came out. I wanted the change the direction of the look of the blog to tilt away from it’s former more “RP” look to something cleaner, easier to read, and a bit easier to highlight specific posts. With the new Featured Post option, Tales will be able to highlight more than just the ‘most recent’ posts– we’ll be able to highlight some of the more popular and ‘more relevant’ posts via the banner/slider at the top. The Power Auras Pages as well as the UI page will be updated in the next …

Written By: on December 6, 2010

Derevka’s Cataclysm Prep Guide

Cata is imminent! It will be here in hours! So what does that mean for you today? Here are a few key points to be sure you have yourself ready for Cata! 1. Learn to love Stormwind and Orgrimmar; they are your new hubs to the new zones. 2. Train at the Flight Master and get your license! (Trainers are available right next to the Stormwind/Orgrimmar flight paths) 3. Decide if you want to Quest or Dungeon Grind. From my experience in Beta, I feel questing is your best bet… just for the quest rewards. You’ll be upgrading pretty quickly out of even your 277 HM ICC gear (even faster than dungeon blues)– Stamina Gains will be extremely important! Some of these quest mobs hit HARD. 4. If you are using …

Written By: on December 6, 2010

Workin’ Hard For the MoneyCataclysm Profession Analysis

With Cataclysm coming, many folks are preparing to level their existing professions (or perhaps a new profession). It is time to take a good look as to what the bonuses each profession will have… I know many people believe in min/maxing (myself included) their character through their professions. There are also others who would rather not and just keep their professions as a “nice to have”. Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, the Cataclysm bonuses are very similar to what we had in Wrath—- with a few added perks for some professions.

Written By: on November 22, 2010