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This blog pays homage to Derevka and keeps his helpful WOW articles available online for posterity.

Throne of Thunder Raiding

I’ve been pretty quiet as of late on the blog, but I hope to do some more visual posting. Firewalls at work have ramped up preventing me from doing ANY editing at the office— but video posts are always more fun I think. Check this one out!

Holy and Disc Best Practices

Inspired by a post by my good friend Vixsin, I’ve decided to do a quick “Best Practices” post.

Keep Calm and Keep Healing

There is a very large negative cloud over the healing priest community right now. These negative statements seem to mostly revolve around our output (both as Holy and Disc) as well as our mana regeneration.

Holy Word: Sanctuary – Scaling in Mists of Pandaria

Holy Word: Sanctuary has been a spell that has been in flux since its introduction at the start of Cataclysm… and that continues to happen even on the Beta– HW: Sanc has undergone a few changes in preparation for Mists of Pandaria.

Welcome Post by Derevka

I’ve always somewhat been the anti-blogger, I’m more of a forum troll myself: Guild forums, mmo-champ forums, Blizzard Realm/Class forums. But after reading a lot of the other blogs out there, I’ve decided to make the leap.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the content that is put together at a lot of the other priest blogs, but, perhaps, if I focused on only Healing (which is what I do, I don’t raid shadow) I could work on a great Priest Blog. There is always room for more blogs out there.

I think I’d like to apply my write ups with a more live raid healing perspective, provide some insight that may (or may not) be missing out there. I’ll leave the shadow analysis to my DPS brothers and sisters, I’m going to focus on mainly healing.

Background of me: I am a Dwarf Priest and have been playing since January 2005. I’m in my late 20′s. I’ve been in a guild that has gone over the years through the gambit of being a social leveling guild, to raiding, to end game raiding. In classic WoW I’ve raided all of MC, BWL, AQ20, and nearly got C’Thun in AQ40, as well as the early bosses of Naxx 1.0. In TBC (pre 3.0) my guild and I have cleared all of MH, BT, and Kalecgos.

Healing all the way- It’s time for the Shadowpriest discussions to have a ying to their yang. Don’t get me wrong, I love my SPriest brethren. Perhaps the priest community will like my perspective on healing in WotLK, perhaps not. But we’ll see. Close your eyes and jump!

You can find Derevka at the HowToPriest.com website!

Featured Articles

Avalonna Rides Off into the Sunset

This is probably one of the most difficult posts to write. To most of us, World of Warcraft has become a huge part of our life: we talk about it, blog about, we even have get-togethers focused around

Keep Calm and Keep Healing

Despite having a crazy busy month both in game and out, I’ve spent some time reading at the official forums, the HowToPriest.com forums, Twitter, and a number of emails I have received… and there is a very large negative cloud

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Latest Posts

Demystifying Spirit Shell

Spirit Shell is a new tool available to Discipline in MOP. Essentially it allows us, on a short 1 minute cooldown, to convert all of our spells into absorbs that last for 15 seconds. Finally, we have a spell that

Dragon Soul: Post-Mortem and Immersion

In typical raiding fashion, the “last pull of the night” became the killing attempt.  Deathwing has been vanquished and Azeroth is safe once again. Something Wicked of US-Whisperwind has completed all 25-Man Heroic content available and finishing the Tier at

UI Updated

I am going to be traveling for work this week, so expect a good post at the end of the week. But for those who have been waiting for it… I updated my UI download to include updates after the

More Changes on the PTR

Yep, lots of new changes and different ways to look at stuff. Which, of course, means some of my notes from the last 2 days are out dated.

I’ll write up more this weekend (and likely we’ll have a

4.3 Hymns, Leverage, and Haste

With 4.3 comes a substantial buff to Divine Hymn– baseline. With this improvement, we probably should spend some time to discuss how to work  both of our Hymns to our advantage.

First let’s take a look at this Divine

Introduction to the Priest in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW), the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Blizzard Entertainment, provides an expansive universe in which players can choose to be warriors, mages, rogues, and more. Among these choices is the noble and spiritually attuned Priest class. This article will delve into the intricacies of playing a Priest, covering everything from understanding the class’s fundamental mechanics to strategies for success.

Understanding the Priest Class

Priests in WoW are masters of healing and preservation. Known for their powerful healing abilities, Priests also possess impressive offensive spells. They are a versatile class, capable of adapting to various roles on the battlefield. They channel divine powers to restore their allies, shield them from harm, and even resurrect them from death.

Choosing Your Race

The first step in creating a Priest is selecting a race. In WoW, your character’s race can affect your performance due to unique racial abilities. For Priests, races like Draenei, who have an innate healing boost, and Humans, with their versatile racial abilities, are commonly chosen in the Alliance. On the Horde side, Trolls with their Berserking racial and Undead with their ability to remove fear, sleep, and charm effects can be solid choices. However, remember that the best race is the one that you enjoy playing the most!

Picking Your Specialization

Priests have three specializations: Discipline, Holy, and Shadow. Discipline Priests balance damage and healing, using Atonement to heal allies by dealing damage to enemies. Holy Priests are traditional healers with a broad range of healing spells, and they excel in reactive, burst healing. Shadow Priests forgo the healing aspect and focus solely on dealing damage, using potent shadow magic to afflict and erode their enemies. Each specialization offers a unique playstyle, and your choice will significantly affect your gameplay.

Gameplay Tips

As a Priest, your positioning is crucial. In a PvE scenario, standing too far forward might lead to unwanted enemy attention, while staying too far back could put you out of range for crucial heals. In PvP, clever use of line-of-sight and range can make you a difficult target.

Remember to use your entire toolkit. Priests have many utilities outside of their healing spells. Abilities like Psychic Scream can disrupt enemies, while Power Word: Shield can prevent incoming damage. Mastering the use of these abilities is key to becoming a successful Priest.

Finally, communication is key, particularly in group content. As a healer, you’ll need to coordinate with your group to manage healing cooldowns, control crowd, and generally ensure everyone stays alive.

Playing a Priest in World of Warcraft is a rewarding experience. Their powerful healing abilities and array of utilities make them invaluable in both PvE and PvP content. Whether you’re shielding your allies as a Discipline Priest, restoring health as a Holy Priest, or eroding your enemies’ sanity as a Shadow Priest, the Priest class offers a depth of gameplay that is as challenging as it is satisfying. With proper understanding and strategy, you’ll lead your team to triumph in the toughest of Azeroth’s challenges.

Find more articles on running a priest character at HowToPriest.com!


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