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4.3 Meta Gem Changes

An interesting change happened with Meta Gems in 4.3– one that I don’t think anyone saw coming: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond and Burning Shadowspirit Diamonds are now up for debate… Burning Shadowspirit Diamonds are no longer 54 Int and 3% Critical Damage. These meta gems now provide 54 Intellect and 3% Critical Effect. Read that again… Critical Effect, not Critical Damage. This means heals are included in the 3% increased critical effect. Prior to this change, the only meta that had a +critical heal bonus was the Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond. (Which, for the most part, was dismissed as not worth it due to the increased value of Intellect over Spirit on the diamond as a basic stat– for both Holy and Disc) Now, before you go swapping out your meta gems… …

Written By: on December 1, 2011

Flash Heal: Healing and Sound

You hear this joke all the time: “Oh the game has sound?” or “I haven’t had game sound on in years!!”. I know a LOT of folks play the game without the sound on, and I understand that the game does have a good deal of superfluous sound effects and/or sounds that really do not contribute to your gameplay. I have to admit that there is a certain amount of satisfaction hearing your Prayer of Healing go off, or the BWONG of a Prayer of Mending bounce, or the thwump, thwump, thwump of Penance… but does it really provide added benefit to your performance? No, probably not. Does it add to the immersion aspect of the game? Yep! However, the biggest benefit that audio cues can provide healers is likely boss mods and …

Written By: on November 15, 2011

Flash Heal: Raid Healers, Know Your Priority

We’ve discussed triage healing in the past, DPS using Lightwells, and using the right spells in the right situations.  Does this mean, “Do X people, in the same group, have a health deficit that would be reversed by a well placed Prayer of Healing?” Yes, it does.  In many Heroic Encounters, you will see your entire raid take massive amounts of damage and casting Prayer of Healing followed by a snap of COH can quickly top many folks off…  but healing and knowing your priority is much more than that. … even for “Raid Healers”. Is keeping your whole raid alive a bad thing? No, of course not.  Healing up your raid-mates is a huge part of your job as a Raid Healer. You need to be certain that all …

Written By: on March 18, 2011

Flash Heal: An Azerothian State of Mind

Bonus points for those who like the Billy Joel reference! With 4.0.6 finally dropped, and subsequently all of the (many) hotfixes, it is time to revisit our spec descisions! For Holy Priests, one of the biggest changes 4.0.6 brought was the change to Chakra. Chakra now lasts a full 60 seconds when activated, and has a 30 second cooldown; on top of that change we also saw a change to State of Mind. State of Mind now will reduce the cooldown on Chakra by 6 seconds (with 2 points). This does change a couple of things for us, and let’s review those: 1. Chakra Maintenance – this means we can cast Chakra once and know we’ll be in our corresponding Chakra state for 60 seconds beforing needing to cast Chakra again. …

Written By: on February 22, 2011

Flash Heal: Alchemy & Tailoring Quick Tips

We’ve discussed many consumables and professions as they relate to healing and raiding, so here’s a few more. While I considered these non performance tips, they still come in handy and can help you reach your raiding goals. Leveling crafting professions is usually a painful & expensive endeavor. Doing it at the beginning of an expansion can cost you your first born pixel baby, or an insane amount of time and patience. But you NEED that crafted gear or crafting bonus to give you that edge or push you into raid readiness. If you have an alchemist with access to Transmute: Living Elements, gathering those mats might be a little less painful.

Written By: on February 7, 2011

Flash Heal: Rapture Mana Restoration

As Ava alluded to in her State of Disc post, Rapture isn’t the same as it was back in ICC. Even if your shields all break at the same time you are only going to get one tick of Rapture equal to 6% of your total mana and then trigger it’s 12 second internal cooldown.  Discipline Priests need to be certain they are getting the most out of this talent, and maximizing its restore. When compared to Holy Priests, Disc gets far less mana back from Spirit, and relies more heavily on Intellect Based Mana Restores– with Rapture being our largest source. Rapture is a game all Disc priests must play. Assuming Non-Heroic T11 Mana pools, Rapture should be restoring ~7,000 mana per Rapture. (+/- a few hundred varying by gear, gems, …

Written By: on January 21, 2011

Flash Heal: Concentration Potions

Just a quick note to point out what I’m seeing as a very overlooked potion: Potion of Concentration. Like many of the tools at our disposal, these can be extremely powerful when used properly. The possible 22,000 mana return is much more than a mythical mana potion, but unlike the mana potion, the return is not an instant gain: Mana is restored over ten seconds, during which you are “channeling”. You can interrupt the effect at anytime, but not letting it tick for the full duration obviously will not net you a maximum return. Because of this mechanic, this is not a “use it anytime” potion. Rather, understanding your encounters will let you identify when you can use this. Periods of light healing or down time are perfect, such as …

Written By: on January 6, 2011

Flash Heal: Leap of FaithThe Raid Saver

First, I want to introduce everyone to a new article type here at Tales of a Priest: Flash Heal. Flash Heal is a short, quick, and easy to understand post. Flash Heal is something you can easily read on a flight path. Flash Heal is meant to be less involved and detailed than a full article you are used to seeing here at Tales. Flash Heal will be a post that will give you some form of tip, trick, or gem of insight on anything from a spell to a boss mechanic. Leap of Faith, (aka. Lifegrip) I will admit, really wasn’t something I was looking forward to when first announced. Why is it MY job to pull YOU out of your own stupidity? Someone standing in Valiona’s flame breath? …

Written By: on December 30, 2010