Tales of a Priest – A perspective on the healing priest, is a World of Warcraft blog that provides insight into end-game PVE raiding through the eyes of a healing priest. Discussion here at Tales will be had about specs, addons, talents, spells, patches, nerfs, buffs, encounters, and all the things that drive the priest community a little batty! Tales has been open since September 2008 and covered topics from the WotLK launch, to Hard Mode ICC kills (including server first Light of Dawn) and content through Cataclysm including server first HM kills of every boss in current content!

It is important to understand that we are intentionally using the phrase “healing priest” not “holy priest” or “disc priest” since we intend cover both Discipline and Holy Healing perspectives.

Topics that will be discussed are intentionally discussed in a manner that hope to prove and provide tools to make the priest class accessible to every player— from the hardest of hardcore, to the noobiest of noobs.

Tales of a Priest was solo written and administered by Derevka and founded in 2008. The blog has gone through two short hiatuses in that period of time, as well as a second author (Avalonna, who has since left the game), but Derevka is still raiding in a Top Tier guild and is posting here.

Derevka, has been a healing priest since early 2005. He plays and raids with other toons outside of our progression raiding time. He plays on the US Whisperwind server in the US Top 50 ranked Guild, Something Wicked and takes his role as a healer serious, but not so seriously that having a drink (or 4) during a raid isn’t a bad idea.

Derevka is a now retired Forum Administrator at PlusHeal and frequents both the MMO-Champion and Blizzard Forums regularly. He is also a Forum Moderator at How To Priest. Derevka has been a gueston a number of Podcasts and welcomes invitations for guest interviews/hosts on other WOW community media.