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Heroic Lich King 10-Man Down!

Some self promotion here, but Ava and I’s guild has been able to bring the bastard down on Heroic 10 Man. (25 Man to follow!) Remember – Full HD Versions are available at YouTube.

Written By: on June 6, 2010

Heads Up: We’re Rawrcastin’

Batten down the hatches, pour yourself a beer, and be ready for a rather interesting exchange between Ava, Derevka, Sompalina and Hafrot… we’re doing their Priest Rountable! Even though Stomp can’t pronounce my name to save her life… LOL For those of you who have heard Ava and I Podcast together in the past, or have read our exchanges on Twitter… this should prove entertaining!

Written By: on May 31, 2010

I Like Big Crits and I Cannot Lie

I am diverging from my usual posting style to talk about a project that  I have been following. I’ve been following this project from the preliminary talks and buzz on Twitter, to the latest episode: Big Crits. Big Crits is something that Stoneybaby has been working on for the last several months. Many of you know Stoney from the Totem Talk column at, Big Hit Box, and his Starbucks Foursquare updates on Twitter. This project is really somewhere between a documentary and “Real World: Azeroth”…complete with the “Confession Booth” like interviews — and I love it.

Written By: on May 27, 2010

Hey Ma – I’m on PugCast!

Just a quick update to let you know Episode 42 of Pugcast is available to download. I joined the show hosts Jeg & Draechen, along with fellow players Cornelious & Bryterside, for an informal roundtable chat about the upcoming raid changes for Cataclysm. Lots of great discussion involving guild structure and challange, and a even a bit of talk about PVP changes (I took a nap at that part). I wasn’t drunk for once, so for those that look forward to me embarrassing myself – sorry. There’s always next time.

Healing Drunk & Pantsless on “/2″

Just a quick update to let everyone know we’ll be LIVE on the Slash 2 podcast this Friday, 4/16/10 at 7 central. I’m sure it will be lots of incoherent fun, so make sure you stop by and join us in the live chatroom. These guys are a blast, so check out their previous shows if you haven’t!

Written By: on April 15, 2010

Power Word: Fail! Podcast Now Available

The podcast you’ve all been waiting for is now available for download! Ava and Derevka had a blast recording this show— albeit a bit racy (Fingers of Frost!!!), we had some great conversation and some great topics were discussed. Thanks for the questions! Hopefully more discussion and podcasting will be in the future. You can download the podcast via iTunes or through the many options by following the link below.