I am diverging from my usual posting style to talk about a project that  I have been following. I’ve been following this project from the preliminary talks and buzz on Twitter, to the latest episode: Big Crits.

Big Crits is something that Stoneybaby has been working on for the last several months. Many of you know Stoney from the Totem Talk column at WoW.com, Big Hit Box, and his Starbucks Foursquare updates on Twitter. This project is really somewhere between a documentary and “Real World: Azeroth”…complete with the “Confession Booth” like interviews — and I love it.

Big Crits currently has 3 episodes out, with the 3rd episode just released last Thursday.  Each episode follows a guild as they progress through Icecrown. The guild is made of a very diverse group of players. Some of them came from guilds that had already earned their Kingslayer titles, others from guilds that were just encroaching the Lower Spire. You learn more about these players — these people – as the episodes progress. You see the guild develop. You see officers rise. You see players fall.

One of the really interesting things about this project, is that it really helps bring to light a lot of the issues that every guild faces. Tank issues, healer problems, learning curves on fight mechanics, and every other potential issue ICC Guilds face. The episodes don’t just highlight the QQ and the drama– it also highlights and showcases the victories as well. You get to see each of these through the webcam “Confessionals” from many of the members of Big Crits. You hear their thoughts, their opinions on that week’s raids– you experience the fights along with them.

Each episode is about 9-10 minutes in length, and you can really catch up on the guild’s progress and the dynamics of each of the players as the weeks go by. The production quality of each episode is nothing short of spectacular and really make each week fun to watch. The broadcast dates are a few weeks behind “real time”– but from what I do know, the next few weeks promise some great progression and excitement! (No, I won’t put any spoilers in this post– you’ll have to see!)

Big Crits is something I think most of us will be able to relate to and enjoy watching – if anything to just root them on as they progress through ICC. For more information on Big Crits, you can visit the Big Crits website here. From here you can get information, watch the videos, subscribe on YouTube, apply to the guild, and learn more about the project.

But wait; there’s more!!! In the next couple of weeks you’ll be seeing a guest post from one of the priests over at Big Crits, Suzushiiro,. Suzu’s topic I will keep underwraps right now (as I don’t want to steal his thunder)– but I do know that I am looking forward to reading it, becasue it is a question that I ask myself before every single boss encounter I raid in! Stay tuned!