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26 Acts of Kindness — In Azeroth

I so very rarely post about non game related things— but I am feeling moved to do this today. Let me explain… Earlier this week NBC reporter, Ann Curry, said, in remembrance of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut: “Imagine if everyone could commit to doing one act of kindness for each precious life lost. An act of kindness, big or small — are you in?” (or click here) I responded and said, “Yes, I am in…” This “movement” as taken the internet by storm on Facebook as as well as on Twitter via the hashtag #26Acts. In real life, I did a #26Acts at the Starbucks I frequent every day… and treated 26 strangers to their morning coffee (picture).  I then got to thinking… what if I could bring this into Azeroth as well- we can make an …

Written By: on December 20, 2012

New MoP Glyphs, Lightspring, and Spirit of Redemption

The latest beta build gave us an interesting peek into some of the new changes coming our way via glyphs. While a number of these are purely flavor and vanity glyphs (and you guys know me, I love my shiny toys!) it does give us the opportunity to evaluate these glyphs. More importantly, it does raise some interesting questions about the spells these glyphs are tied to. Beta Build #15689: Glyph of Holy Resurrection Glyph of Confession Glyph of Lightspring Glyph of the Val’kyr It is worth mentioning that as of build 15689, these glyphs are not yet available in the beta. They are data mined tooltips, and no Glyph Vendor, nor Scribe/Inscriptionist has them. (Some) Show up in our Character’s Glyph Menu, but you cannot learn/equip them yet. Consider this …

Written By: on May 13, 2012

Disc at 80 at 4.0 and a Bunch of Other Numbers

(Note: This is based off PTR build v4.0.1.13033) Hey kids! It’s me! Ava! Remember me? You do? Shit. I still don’t have a beta key, so all you’re going to get from me is PTR scraps. And if you’re looking for awesome videos of me talking, like Derevka does- sorry, won’t happen. I’m usually too drunk for you to understand what I’m saying, and talking into a mic requires me putting down my beer glass. So today’s musing is Disc at level 80 when 4.0 hits – what to do, what to spec, what to freak out about…kidding, kidding. This is the WoW community – you should freak out about everything! Let’s start with the 33/3 build, and the one I’m planning on starting with. With the changes to Archangel …

Written By: on September 28, 2010

Cataclysm Contest! Curse Client Craziness!

This post title has far too many C’s in it (Yay for alliteration!?) It’s time for another contest and giveaway here at Tales of a Priest! As many of you know, I am a little obsesed with my UI… I love mods;, I love seeing what they can do to improve my gameplay. One of the most annoying things about having a UI that you love: is keeping it updated. The Curse Client is a great  application that lets you search for mods, read the description, install them, and helps you be sure you have the latest and greatest version. If that was all that the Curse Client did, I would be happy. But wait –– There’s more!! The Curse Client also helps you keep your mods synched up across …

Written By: on June 14, 2010

A Dark Nemesis Gratuitous Self-Congratulatory Post

Before I dive into this brief post/update, one thing we did learn about blogging is that your reader is smart enough to know- so don’t try to fool them: When you are doing gratuitous self-promotion, tell them. Consider yourself notified. That being said, we’ve been busy. We completed Glory of the Icecrown Raider on 10-Mans and got our very sexy Frost Wyrms. They’re almost as frigid as Derevka, but way cooler.

Written By: on March 29, 2010

Power Word: Fail! Podcast Now Available

The podcast you’ve all been waiting for is now available for download! Ava and Derevka had a blast recording this show— albeit a bit racy (Fingers of Frost!!!), we had some great conversation and some great topics were discussed. Thanks for the questions! Hopefully more discussion and podcasting will be in the future. You can download the podcast via iTunes or through the many options by following the link below.

So you want to join a Raiding Guild?

WoW has a lot to offer many different spectrum of players. As many of us have found, it’s easy to spend “just a few more minutes” to finish a quest, or do “one last 5 man”. And with Blizz’s new raiding vision of making end game more accessible (love it or hate it, we’ll talk about that another time) I’m sure you’ve joined a raid pug or two, or maybe are even part of a guild that tackles some of its own raiding. Now Raiding guilds themselves are also diverse. You can have the casual raiding guild that shows up for a few hours a week to tackle some 10/25 man content when there’s enough people on, or maybe a guild that has a set schedule & some hard mode …

Written By: on December 10, 2009

Character Re-Customization

Well, I think I may have broken the hearts of some of the dwarf priests out there… I paid for a Character Re-Customization. Derevka is now male. I originally rolled Derevka back in the day when Dwarves were wanted because of fear ward to help make Ony, MC, and BWL fears more management. I chose female mainly because I didn’t like the way the male dwarves looked. However, after nearly 4 years of staring at the same backside and the same animation I sadly, grew tired of Derevka’s look. Many guildies and friends server wide have PM’d me or emoted me /gasp when they see my new look. Perhaps to them I will always be the short little female dwarf with freckles, not the bushy bearded, bald-dwarf man.

Written By: on December 15, 2008

Circle of Healing and Cooldowns Part 2

Incoming! Since my last post on COH and Cooldowns, it is now even further expanded upon. AoE Healing NerfI feel the need to post here in the hopes of alleviating player confusion. The first FAQ was a link to my quotes attempting to explain our concerns about Circle of Healing and Wild Growth. This FAQ by contrast is written from a player POV that this is a shaman issue. It isn’t in our minds. We looked at the three main AE heals and found that CoH and WG were being used too much in too many different situations and making AE healing too easy. CH is supposed to be used in more situations, because the shaman arsenal is smaller. It isn’t as easy to use as CoH and WG. Shamans …

Written By: on December 9, 2008

Another WOW Blog, or is it?

I’ve always somewhat been the anti-blogger, I’m more of a forum troll myself: Guild forums, mmo-champ forums, Blizzard Realm/Class forums. But after reading a lot of the other blogs out there, I’ve decided to make the leap. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the content that is put together at a lot of the other priest blogs, but, perhaps, if I focused on only Healing (which is what I do, I don’t raid shadow) I could work on a great Priest Blog. There is always room for more blogs out there. I think I’d like to apply my write ups with a more live raid healing perspective, provide some insight that may (or may not) be missing out there. I’ll leave the shadow analysis to my DPS brothers and …

Written By: on October 5, 2008