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The Blog Lives! And Now Partnered!

Hi all, I know many of you have reached out to me wondering where my posts have gone! Well, I’ve been spending a LOT of time over at as I am an admin over at H2P. Additionally H2P has been the home for both my Disc and Holy Guides all expansion long. H2P is a great community for priests of all specs. As of today, all future posts will be at  The H2P blog will have all original content, cover ALL THREE SPECS of the priest class, and include articles by the admin and moderation team at H2P as well as guest posts by our Senior Members! Additionally the H2P Blog will be the exclusive home for all new content (and many old/high traffic/reference material from) Tales of a …

Written By: on August 7, 2013

Mists of Pandaria: Resources

5.0.4 is  upon us! Soon we’ll be scrambling to do the starter quests and taking our first steps into Pandaria on the live servers. I, for one, am excited. I really am pleased with the level of polish the game has, and the raid and dungeon encounters available in Mists of Pandaria. More importantly I wanted to take the time to let people know about a new section here at Tales of a Priest that will house more “permanent pages” and pages that will be important in Mists of Pandaria. Tales of a Priest Resources Page… it is located at the top of the page here. It currently houses the following: Derevka’s Holy Priest Guide for MoP Derevka’s Discipline Priest Guide for MoP Haste Breakpoints Racial Bonuses Weak Aura Strings …

Written By: on August 27, 2012

An Update and a Word for Posterity

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post, and that is by no means a sign of anything regarding ToaP… I simply have been busy with a number of things both in and out of game. I’ll keep my personal and professional life out of the blog, however I will make a post regarding the amazing folks of <Edge> on the US-Garona server… On the coattails of Edge’s 5-year anniversary, Edge officially retired as a 25-Man Raiding Guild. Edge slew Heroic Ultraxion, and capstoned an amazing run with 3 years of being top 100 US and 2 years of being in the Top 50 US.  I would be remiss not to personally thank all those in Edge, past and present, for an amazing place to call home on Garona. The …

Written By: on January 27, 2012

Tales of a Priest is Back

I’m like Cher, or Madonna, or Brett Favre… or some other relevant reference that either continues to come out of retirement or who just keeps on going! (Yes, I do want credit for having both a Cher and a sports reference in the same statement) Why? Honestly… it is because of the readers who have either stayed in touch with me, or who have reached out to me over these last 8 months and have asked questions, engaged me in conversation, or simply said they missed ToaP! I missed the involvement with the community. I mean that in a way that is on a deeper level than a forum thread, or a Twitter conversation. There is still more that I want to say and more opinions that I want to share with …

Written By: on October 27, 2011

Something about Brett Favre…

A wild Derevka appears!  

Written By: on October 25, 2011

The Time Has Come

The Warcraft Blog-o-Sphere has had a lot of changes going on in the last several weeks…. and I hate to say it; here comes another. The time has come for me to permanently close the doors here at Tales of a Priest. I’ve had a great run over the last several years here with the blog running for 2 1/2 years. From this little project, I’ve met some great people… these people can be other bloggers, Twitter Personalities, Podcasters, Forum Goers, and some general great players. That is really what I’ll take from these last few years… meeting some great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. If you haven’t become active in the community, I strongly suggest you do it. Join the Forum Discussions at the plethora of websites that …

Written By: on March 28, 2011

New Blog Design is Live!

With Cataclysm comes a lot of changes in Azeroth, as does come a lot of changes here at Tales of a Priest! As you can see the blog has a new face. I’m really pleased with how it came out. I wanted the change the direction of the look of the blog to tilt away from it’s former more “RP” look to something cleaner, easier to read, and a bit easier to highlight specific posts. With the new Featured Post option, Tales will be able to highlight more than just the ‘most recent’ posts– we’ll be able to highlight some of the more popular and ‘more relevant’ posts via the banner/slider at the top. The Power Auras Pages as well as the UI page will be updated in the next …

Written By: on December 6, 2010

Avalonna Rides Off into the Sunset

This is probably one of the most difficult posts to write. To most of us, World of Warcraft has become a huge part of our life: we talk about it, blog about, we even have get-togethers focused around it. Giant Nerd label or not, I’m sure we can all admit that even though the game was frustrating at one point or another, the benefits far outweighed the cons. Perhaps that’s why it’s so painful to finally come to this conclusion, but my World Of Warcraft career has come to a close. No, it’s not a protest to the state of the game or a statement about what I think of Cataclysm – it’s really nothing more than ‘it’s time to move on’. I’ve been here since the game’s original beta …

Written By: on November 7, 2010

See you at CYPHAN!

CYPHAN? Sounds like a venereal disease, doesn’t it? I assure you, it’s not. It’s a new Midwest Scifi/fantasy convention for costumers, collectors, gamers and fans located in the Chicago Suburbs, and it’s happening this weekend. One of the weekend seminars is a World of Warcraft discussion, and a last minute change of plans (or desperation) has planted yours truly as one of the speakers. It’s nothing hardcore, raiding or even healing related – more of an intro to the game for new and newer players. We’ll be covering such things as choosing a faction, race, and class, leveling, gold making, guilds, dungeons, & etiquette. So if you’re in the area, and need something to do this weekend, come check out the convention! The seminar is scheduled for Saturday at 11:00 …

Healing Drunk & Pantsless on “/2″

Just a quick update to let everyone know we’ll be LIVE on the Slash 2 podcast this Friday, 4/16/10 at 7 central. I’m sure it will be lots of incoherent fun, so make sure you stop by and join us in the live chatroom. These guys are a blast, so check out their previous shows if you haven’t!

Written By: on April 15, 2010