Hi all, I know many of you have reached out to me wondering where my posts have gone! Well, I’ve been spending a LOT of time over at HowToPriest.com as I am an admin over at H2P. Additionally H2P has been the home for both my Disc and Holy Guides all expansion long. H2P is a great community for priests of all specs.

As of today, all future posts will be at www.howtopriest.com/blog 

The H2P blog will have all original content, cover ALL THREE SPECS of the priest class, and include articles by the admin and moderation team at H2P as well as guest posts by our Senior Members!

Additionally the H2P Blog will be the exclusive home for all new content (and many old/high traffic/reference material from) Tales of a Priest  and Twintop’s blog from Shadow Orbs and Mindspikes. The movement of old content (weak auras, haste breakpoints, etc), to be housed in one home will be completed over the coming weeks.

H2P Blog Posts Will Include

  • Theorycrafting
  • Charts
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • General discussion that is beyond the scope and depth of a more traditional forum post
  • All the content you were used to before from ToaP

Discussions of each of these blog posts will live in  a new sub forum on www.howtopriest.com

In addition, both me and Twintop will be leading up the editorial team, so please visit or PM either of them with post suggestions, topics, and or bids for guest posts.

I am really excited to push this blog forward and to be partnered with the H2P community that I have been a part of for so long now— it really will become THE place to go for priests of any spec!