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Disc Priest Healing Guide


Please visit for my Discipline Priest Healing Guide that I will be maintaining there.

Into the Mists: Disc Priest Edition

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Discipline Only Specialization Benefits and New Non-Spec Spells

III. MoP Talent Tree Choices

IV. Glyphs
A) Major
B) Minor

V. Secondary Stats and Reforging
A) Spirit
B) Haste
C) Mastery
D) Crit

VI. Enchants

VII. Gemming
A) Basic Gems
B) Meta Gems

VIII. Consumables
A) Food
B) Flasks
C) Potions

IX. Rapture – What it really means

X. Spirit Shell

XI. Atonement and Archangel

XII. Inner Fire and Inner Will

XIII. Mana Management

XIV. Rotation
A) Single Target Healing
B) AOE or Raid Healing

XV. Racial Bonuses

XVI. Additional Reading

XVII. Changelog
This guide will be updated and discussed on the forums at HowToPriest. So please join us there to be a part of the discussion!

Last Updated: September 4, 2012