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The Raid Pre-Screening Giveaway & Blizzcon Event!

By now I assume most of our readers here have already heard of the great project that Kevin Michael Johnson and Blue Loon Films have been working on, called The Raid. Essentially it is a documentary following the lives of a number of different raiders.  It is more than “just a documentary”, its a great film that showcases why we play the games we play, why we enjoy World of Warcraft, why we enjoy the raiding enviornment, and why we become friends with our guildmates. I am very excited to see this.

Written By: on August 28, 2010

Cataclysm Contest! Curse Client Craziness!

This post title has far too many C’s in it (Yay for alliteration!?) It’s time for another contest and giveaway here at Tales of a Priest! As many of you know, I am a little obsesed with my UI… I love mods;, I love seeing what they can do to improve my gameplay. One of the most annoying things about having a UI that you love: is keeping it updated. The Curse Client is a great  application that lets you search for mods, read the description, install them, and helps you be sure you have the latest and greatest version. If that was all that the Curse Client did, I would be happy. But wait –– There’s more!! The Curse Client also helps you keep your mods synched up across …

Written By: on June 14, 2010

“Do you want to play a game?”

That stupid horse. That Retarded Horse. Everyone has it. It’s an atrocious, Sparkly, Star Horise Mount, & people waited in queues of 4+ hours to drop $25 of real world cash to get it. How absolutely idiotic. So I bought two. One for me, and one for you. Wanna win it?

Written By: on April 19, 2010

Derevka’s Account Hacked? And A Contest!

With account hacks/keylogs being a topic of much discussion, I wanted to recap what happened to me this past weekend… It was a dark and stormy night… Ok it wasn’t stormy, but it was dark – I went out last night for Margaritas with some friends, and we found out one of them plays wow… we all wind up back at my place, so my friend Anthony asks if he can see my account. Sure. I try logging in, put my authenticator password in… Invalid.

Written By: on January 31, 2010

And the winner is…

Congrats to Nimaj from US-Undermine and Intravax from US-Velen. They were the lucky winners in our Tales of a Priest Reopening Contest! Enjoy your new pets! Please check your email for your code and thank you for reading. For those folks who did not win this go around, don’t worry we’ll have more fun and exciting contests here at Tales of a Priest, so spread the word! Congrats!-Derevka and Ava Don’t miss a single post! Remember to sign up for our RSS feed.

Written By: on November 23, 2009

Tales of a Priest Reopening Contest

In celebration of Tales of a Priest reopening and the addition of Avalonna as a writer. We are having away your choice of either a Lil KT or Pandaren Monk To be eligible for the pet code, simply email us at or with the subject line of: “Tales of a Priest Contest”. In that email please note your preferred pet. (also feel free to provide comments, suggestions, or concerns with the blog – we want your feedback!) *There will be TWO winners one from emails to Derevka and one from emails to Ava.* This contest will close on Noon Eastern Time on Saturday, November 21, 2009. The winner will be announced in the Tuesday, November 24th blog post. The winner will be emailed directly. Emails must be recieved …

Written By: on November 17, 2009