I want to play a game…..

That stupid horse. That Retarded Horse. Everyone has it. It’s an atrocious, Sparkly, Star Horise Mount, & people waited in queues of 4+ hours to drop $25 of real world cash to get it. How absolutely idiotic.

So I bought two. One for me, and one for you. Wanna win it?

That Retarded Horse

Now I could make up some silly contest making you email us, explaining why you love Tales Of Priest, or saying your little brother Timmy has cancer, and his dying wish is to ride around on one of these fruit-cycles, but where’s the fun in lying like that? Or, seeing as it’s a WoW related item on a WoW related site, I could have WoW related questions, but it’s my damn contest and it’s my rules.

It’s no secret I love my horror movies (hell, I co author this site with a succubus) so let’s see if YOU love them too. It’s fitting, seeing as flying around on this mount would make Charles Manson crap his pants (or die laughing).

I will ask four easy horror movie questions, and on 4/24/10, I will pick one random winner from a group that answers all four correctly!

1) Freddy Krueger is the Son of a Hundred ___________ ? (fill in the blank)

2) What is the name of the main Cenobite in Hellraiser?

3) “Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my____________ ” (Fill in the blank)

4) What was the name of the Android in ‘Aliens’?

See? Easy! So email me at Avalonna(at)talesofapriest.com with your answers, and maybe you too can stand around in Dalaran on this ridiculous thing! Good luck!

Now, that being said – what do YOU think about this mount, and the Blizz RMT store for pets and mounts? I’ll have a real post on that and my thoughts regarding it in the future.