With Cataclysm comes a lot of changes in Azeroth, as does come a lot of changes here at Tales of a Priest! As you can see the blog has a new face. I’m really pleased with how it came out. I wanted the change the direction of the look of the blog to tilt away from it’s former more “RP” look to something cleaner, easier to read, and a bit easier to highlight specific posts. With the new Featured Post option, Tales will be able to highlight more than just the ‘most recent’ posts– we’ll be able to highlight some of the more popular and ‘more relevant’ posts via the banner/slider at the top.

The Power Auras Pages as well as the UI page will be updated in the next couple of weeks to better utilize the new layout, and the top section of the site… well, we have something interesting coming there. Hopefully folks will like the treat going in there!

Brian and Brandon did a great job, and I am excited about this new look. Some minor changes will continue to occur over the coming weeks; and I think the cleaner and much more easier to read and SEO Friendly design will be well received.