We’ve discussed many consumables and professions as they relate to healing and raiding, so here’s a few more. While I considered these non performance tips, they still come in handy and can help you reach your raiding goals.

Leveling crafting professions is usually a painful & expensive endeavor. Doing it at the beginning of an expansion can cost you your first born pixel baby, or an insane amount of time and patience. But you NEED that crafted gear or crafting bonus to give you that edge or push you into raid readiness. If you have an alchemist with access to Transmute: Living Elements, gathering those mats might be a little less painful.

While the tooltip says ‘the exact result is not known ahead of time“, that’s a tad misleading, because if you do this transmute in certain Cata zones, you know exactly what you’ll get.

Mount Hyjal –> Volatile Fire

Vashj’ir –> Volatile Water

Deepholm –> Volatile Earth

Uldum –> Volatile Air

While the amount you transmute is random (between 14-16 Volatiles), if you also happen to be Transmutation spec, you can also create X amount of any Volatiles. For example, if transmuting Life to Air in Uldum, you could also proc several Fire/earth/Water volatiles on top of the Air transmutes.

Trinketssssss…..Pretty Trinketsssssss

The original alchemy trinket is rather lackluster. It has some uses beyond boosting your ilevel for heroics, but not much else once you had other options. 4.06 ushers in a batch of new alchemy trinkets, including Vibrant Alchemist Stone which easily becomes your best pre-raid option (and arguably for certain situations, the best option during the first tier of 85 raiding).

Potion Chug-a-lug

Anyone who thought free action potions during the last phase of Heroic Halfus were a great idea was pretty pissed when realizing we were too high a level to use them. 4.06 removes the brickwall level limit, and adds in a diminishing return as your level increases. At level 85, the effect will last roughly 6 seconds. Timed right, this may get you through all or most of his furious roar, saving the need for a Hand of Protection to keep healing. This might be extremely viable for smiting disc priests, since mana is not a concern. I’ll attempt to try these potions again after the patch, and see if it’s viable.

Leaf me Alone!

This has nothing to do with raiding, since they can’t be used in combat, but Lifegiving Seeds return 3200 health/sec and 2400 mana/sec for 30 seconds – it might come in handy while farming or leveling. But honestly, the only reason I brought these up is I wanted to mention my new favortie macro:

/Use Lifegiving Seed


Tailoring Cloak ‘Chants

I mentioned before the Lightweave enchant currently grants Intellect, not Spell Power, as the tooltip incorrectly states. The tooltip is finally being fixed in 4.06, but also Darkglow is being retooled to now increases your Spirit by 580 for 15 sec instead of restoring 800 Mana – much better, so adjust accordingly if needed!

Annnnnd AFK – beer bong.

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