The Warcraft Blog-o-Sphere has had a lot of changes going on in the last several weeks…. and I hate to say it; here comes another.

The time has come for me to permanently close the doors here at Tales of a Priest.

I’ve had a great run over the last several years here with the blog running for 2 1/2 years. From this little project, I’ve met some great people… these people can be other bloggers, Twitter Personalities, Podcasters, Forum Goers, and some general great players. That is really what I’ll take from these last few years… meeting some great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

If you haven’t become active in the community, I strongly suggest you do it. Join the Forum Discussions at the plethora of websites that house them. Create a blog and write about your experiences. Read a new blog!  Join Twitter and tweet, twap, chirp… whatever about random WoW things and whatever is on your mind in 140 characters. Start a podcast– listen to new one!


That is a hard question— some of it is work related. My job has started to demand more and more time from me, and frankly I do not have the time I want to put into writing posts. Could I continue writing? Probably… but they would be half-baked and half-assed attempts; and frankly that is something I do not want to litter ToaP with. I’ve prided myself on having only concrete and well thought out posts here. Thought provoking stuff— discussions and thoughts through the eyes of a Hard-Core Progression Raider. Sure there are other blogs out there that discussed stuff, but I’ve always prided myself on providing a slightly different perspective. I want to end ToaP on my terms and not just half-ass stuff, and have it slowly fade into something less than what it is, and what the readers deserve.

Am I quitting WoW?

No, not at all. I really like the game and the challenge it provides. It just is time to close the blog chapter; and I plan on continuing my WoW “career”.

There are other factors that, have pushed me towards closing the doors. One of which is Ava quitting the game and moving to Rift. Part of the fun of writing here was having a partner in crime who was the ying to my yang… and the insanity to my sanity. Losing that kind of resource did remove some of the fun. (She is my WoW “Bestie”… even though she’s an insufferable witch! <3 )

I’d be remiss not to include a small factor that has been bothering me, but there is an undeniable certain something in the WoW Community that just feels negative. I strongly urge those of you who are blogging, forum going, or even just lurking on blogs: RESPECT EACH OTHER. At the end of the day, we’re all here to play a game… and pissing on eachother, nit picking comments, and being overly pretentious is not worth the time. Enjoy the game with each other– a fleeting moment of e-fame or ‘winning’ a forum fight is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Will I Be Contributing Elsewhere?

Yes, this isn’t the last you’ll see of me. I’ll likely keep my UI updated on WoW Interface. I’ll still visit and participate at PlusHeal and the other forums I troll. Maybe I’ll even dust off my ElitistJerks username from the shelf… I usually just read, not post there. We’ll see.

I’ll still respond to the many emails I get asking for help on a boss strategy, or random priesting question. I’ll still happily participate with many Community related events. My friend and guildmate (barring me failing my trial period), Papapaint, creates videos for TankSpot so  you might be seeing my Fraps’d video footage being used by him in some strategy guides— who knows?

I’ll be around.  My email address derevka(at) will still be working. My Twitter Account will still be active with me rambling about Warcraft, Gay Gaming, and other nonsensical rubbish. You can’t get rid of me that easily!

So with that, I’ll end this post with a rather snarky RuPaul-inspired comment:

Keep your tanks and your raid team alive, kill some bosses, have fun…

…and don’t fuck it up!