This post title has far too many C’s in it (Yay for alliteration!?)

It’s time for another contest and giveaway here at Tales of a Priest! As many of you know, I am a little obsesed with my UI… I love mods;, I love seeing what they can do to improve my gameplay. One of the most annoying things about having a UI that you love: is keeping it updated.

The Curse Client is a great  application that lets you search for mods, read the description, install them, and helps you be sure you have the latest and greatest version. If that was all that the Curse Client did, I would be happy. But wait –– There’s more!!

The Curse Client also helps you keep your mods synched up across different computers. Many of you who follow me ton Twitter, know I travel a lot for work  and I bring a gaming laptop with me. The Curse client helps me keep my Desktop PC and my Laptop synched up as the Client keeps my Mods and Settings synched up! Had to reformat your computer or zombies stole your hard drive? You can use the Curse Client to restore your mods and settings.

So today, thanks to the generous folks over at Curse, we are giving away 2 One-Year Subscriptions to Curse Premium!

What are the differences between a Premium client and a Non-Premium client? The Premium client is has all the great stuff the Non-Premium client, and much more:

  • Update all your addons with one click
  • Addon Sync
  • Addon Settings Backup
  • Faster addon downloads
  • Automatic addon updates
  • No ads

Visit and for more information

How do you win? Easy! Send an email to with the answers to these 2 questions:

  1. With the release of a good deal of Priest Cataclysm information what one thing are you looking forward to the most.
  2. What one thing do you want Blizzard to revisit in their reviews of the Priest class in Cataclysm? We all know that with Beta not even annouced yet, changes WILL happen!

(And of course, if you want to provide any comments or feedback or Blog Post topics, please feel free to comment in that email as well.)

Two winners will be selected, at random, from the emails received.  We will be accepting emails through June 22nd, 2010. Emails must be received by 11:59PM Eastern Time to be considered eligible for this prize. Each winner will be given One Year of Curse Premium. The two winning entries will need to provide their Curse username/email to us to have the Subscription activated.

A big THANK YOU again to the folks over at and good luck to everyone!!