I’m like Cher, or Madonna, or Brett Favre… or some other relevant reference that either continues to come out of retirement or who just keeps on going! (Yes, I do want credit for having both a Cher and a sports reference in the same statement)

Why? Honestly… it is because of the readers who have either stayed in touch with me, or who have reached out to me over these last 8 months and have asked questions, engaged me in conversation, or simply said they missed ToaP! I missed the involvement with the community. I mean that in a way that is on a deeper level than a forum thread, or a Twitter conversation. There is still more that I want to say and more opinions that I want to share with the community.

I simply can’t play the game, and not be outspoken. I can’t keep my damn mouth shut! So, hopefully, people will continue to like to hear what I have to say!

There have been several other healing and priest blogs out there that I’ve been following, and many of those have done an good job leading the healing and priest communities through a very difficult tier for the healers. (I’m looking at you, Firelands). I must salute and tip my hat to those blogs and sites. I won’t go naming names… but so many have done an amazing job this Tier:  You kept me thinking, you kept me engaged, you kept me wanting to contribute more…

So with that— I am back.

A brief update as to what I’ve been up to in game over these last many months. I am still raiding competitively in the 25-Man Heroic Guild, Edge. I have been raiding in my Discipline spec; primarily Tank Healing. We are 7/7 HM 25 and are very much excited towards the challenges coming in 4.3 and what was previewed at BlizzCon regarding Mists of Pandaria.

Now, many of you might be asking “What am I going to expect from Tales of a Priest?” It should be more of the same you’ve seen before. I will continue to try to analyze priest game play in an ‘out of the box’ sort of perspective, but also in a practical manner. I’ll continue to share my gameplay style and analyzing (read: nit picking) our talents, specs, and gearing. I will continue to be asking questions, and (hopefully) engaging folks in the comment threads here as welcome folks to challenge both myself and eachother.  I will continue to develop content here that should make us think as well as address issues and concerns that the community might have about our class.

I have already spent some time on the PTRs playing in both Discipline and Holy specs. On top of that, my guild is participating in some of the PTR Raid Testing. That said, I plan on providing guidance on both specs as we prepare for 4.3.

Over the next few days I’ll also be updating the Power Auras and UI pages to be sure the information there is up to date and as current as possible.

I only ask of you, the readers, the same I always have– if you like what you’ve read (or don’t like) participate in conversation in the comments, share the URLs with your fellow guildmates, and help push and challenge ourselves to play better.

You can always reach me here through the Contact page, on Twitter (@derevka), and through the many forums I participate in.

Here we go again!!!