Last night I hit 80! Woot! Let’s discuss how pissed I was though.

There I am, questing in Icecrown; ExperienceFu tells me I have 1800XP needed to level and I have 3 quests to turn in, with the closest being at Icecrown Citadel. “OK, off to the Citadel it is!”

Mount up on my trusty Gryphon, I hit Num Lock and turn around to talk to my better half and say I’m about to hit 80 (and thus can return to “real life” after a weekend of grinding). Then, there it is…


I flew over a patch of land I didn’t discovered yet – AND I WASN’T LOOKING! /sigh

Well, now that the grind is over. Its time to prioritize gear, professions, and reputation with the right factions to make Raiding easier. Tomorrow’s post will be on Factions.