Just a quick note to point out what I’m seeing as a very overlooked potion: Potion of Concentration.

Like many of the tools at our disposal, these can be extremely powerful when used properly. The possible 22,000 mana return is much more than a mythical mana potion, but unlike the mana potion, the return is not an instant gain: Mana is restored over ten seconds, during which you are “channeling”. You can interrupt the effect at anytime, but not letting it tick for the full duration obviously will not net you a maximum return.

Because of this mechanic, this is not a “use it anytime” potion. Rather, understanding your encounters will let you identify when you can use this. Periods of light healing or down time are perfect, such as when Magmaw’s head is exposed or the P1->2 Transition of Twilight Council. Just like coordinating Hymns of Hope, knowing when to use this will bring the maximum gain, and the most bang for your buck. If you need to communicate with your fellow healers, it could be helpful to make a quick macro; letting other healers know you are using this. Nothing fancy is needed:

/Say Using Potion of Concentration, Napping for Ten seconds!

/Use Potion of Concentration

It’s also worth noting that these DO work with your Alchemist’s Stone (If you’re an Alchemist), netting you a 40% increase and a possible return of 30,800 mana. This concoction is ALMOST as good as Grey Goose Vodka. Almost.