First I want to share a video I made this past weekend after I finally decided to go out and buy Sony Vegas. (I got a steal on Vegas 8.0 at Best Buy) that shows off my UI in action, as well as plugs Avalonna and my guild. (We are looking for a Holy Priest, Holy Pally, and a Hunter!) I hope to have my UI uploaded and available on the site here, as well as over at WoWInterface later this week!

You can also view this video over at YouTube and clicking here to see it in Full Screen/HD or in a wider view as well.


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Also, we’d like to thank RaidWarning for the liberal use of shout outs to us during their latest podcast! (If you don’t listen to RW, you definitely want to!) We’re looking forward to participating in their Healing Round Table (and a few beers) over at RaidWarning in the next few weeks. We’ll be certain to let everyone know when that Podcast episode is recorded and goes live.

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