3.08 Today – Preparedness

3.08 is launching today, and the hands-down biggest change that will affect priests is the COH nerf.I apologize for covering this over and over, however it is

3 Drake Sartharion

We did it! Took us a little longer than I think we all would have liked, but we did it. /cheerSome tips for those healers who are doing it now.1. Don't bring

Character RE-Re-Customization

Well it has been 30 days since I did my Character Re-Customization--- and now, I did it again. Derevka is back to being a short, stout, freckled dwarf again and

Why Do You Heal?

It is always interesting when I ask healers:Why do you heal?It is, after all, a very loaded question- and timely now that WotLK has launched. Wrath really