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Halion Heroic 10 Man Guide

Dark Nemesis was successful in downing Heroic Halion on 10 man Thursday night. According to WoW Progress, it was US 33rd. (not too shabby for having our realm down for 24 hours when RS opened). So today, I am providing you all with some tips on the Heroic Halion 10-Man Encounter – of course a lot of this can be applied to the normal version as well. If you are bringing only 1 priest, you will want them Holy Spec’d and with Body and Soul – especially for Heroic. I will go into detail later, but Body and Soul becomes invaluable. Personally, I found that Holy proved to be notably superior in the Twilight Realm because of the movement required and our COH, POM (reduced CD), Renew, and Surge of …

Written By: on July 2, 2010