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Healing, Prayers, & Ulduar

Ulduar is now in full swing. 3.1 has launched, and priests have decided on their new specs. In my previous post, I suggested two specs: Holy and Disc. I have found that while I particularly enjoy Discipline more, the number of fights that I am able to use it is notably low. This is mainly due to the fact that Ulduar has a lot of AOE damage and a quick snap or two of a Glyphed Circle of Healing really is a life saver. What really surprised me was how good Prayer of Healing actually turned out to be in Ulduar. In my previous post I indicated that I was expecting ProH to be much more powerful than it was in the past. Being able to cast a serendipitous ProH …

Written By: on April 23, 2009

XT-002 Deconstructor Healing Tips

Well, with server instabilities and instance servers being full, I spent a good deal fighting with My Brute. (FYI rather amusing 1v1 flash game- challenge me!). However, once servers stabilized the fight into Ulduar continued! Today, I want to focus on XT-002 Deconstructor. Deconstructor is a very fun fight. Aside from the rather funny voice the boss has, it can be quite the challenging fight. You are up against an enrage, as well as massive AOE damage. I want to discuss the strat that seemed to work best for my guild. To start, you need to understand his abilities, and the phases of the fight. He essentially has two phases a tank and spank phase, and an add phase. Phase 1- Tank and SpankThis phase is mainly tank and spank …

Written By: on April 16, 2009

Derevka’s Survival Guide to 3.1 Release Day

First, a BIG Thank you to WoW Insider for the two links to my blog. One for Auctioneer and the other on my Val’anyr posts! Seeing my traffic jump and my RSS subscription numbers rise is a bit stressful… it means I really need to write better for you guys! With 3.1 officially released, tonight will be a big night for many End-Game Raiding Guilds who are aching for new content. Download it! Find a mirror if you haven’t already pre-downloaded it using the Blizzard downloader.Wowwiki has a great list of mirrors located here. Update Your Essential ModsNotice how I said essential… your non-essential mods you likely can live without on release day, and you can configure the updated (if applicable) versions later in the week. (That is, of course, …

Written By: on April 14, 2009