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Priest Healing FirelandsTier 12 - A Recap and Lookback

I’ve always been a supporter of looking back at previous teirs and figuring out what we can learn form that. (Not too dissimilar from what George Santayana said in his work The Life of Reason, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”) With that said, this post is similarly inspired by Vixsin’s post “Resto Shaman Lessons from Tier 12″. In this post, lets go over each of the seven bosses in Firelands (Normal and Heroic) and recap some of the mechanics and how our toolkit worked well (or not) for the fight. Knowing our weaknesses and strengths will be critical in knowing how to approach Dragon Soul in 4.3. Firelands was a very tricky tier for us priests, but ultimately we fared very well. Tier Mechanic & Toolkit …

Written By: on October 31, 2011

Tales of a Priest is Back

I’m like Cher, or Madonna, or Brett Favre… or some other relevant reference that either continues to come out of retirement or who just keeps on going! (Yes, I do want credit for having both a Cher and a sports reference in the same statement) Why? Honestly… it is because of the readers who have either stayed in touch with me, or who have reached out to me over these last 8 months and have asked questions, engaged me in conversation, or simply said they missed ToaP! I missed the involvement with the community. I mean that in a way that is on a deeper level than a forum thread, or a Twitter conversation. There is still more that I want to say and more opinions that I want to share with …

Written By: on October 27, 2011

Something about Brett Favre…

A wild Derevka appears!  

Written By: on October 25, 2011