Before I dive into this brief post/update, one thing we did learn about blogging is that your reader is smart enough to know- so don’t try to fool them: When you are doing gratuitous self-promotion, tell them. Consider yourself notified.

That being said, we’ve been busy. We completed Glory of the Icecrown Raider on 10-Mans and got our very sexy Frost Wyrms. They’re almost as frigid as Derevka, but way cooler.

Would you say Derevka is riding a boner?

Currently, our ten man groups are at 11/12 in ICC heroic, and we’re plowing along in ICC 25 Heroic. We just downed Heroic Sindragosa(25), putting us at 10/12 with only Professor Putricide and The Lich King Himself left to round out our heroic 25 man romp. While I enjoy the strategy of these new heroic fights, the planning that goes into them, and the feeling of accomplishment & camaraderie we get with each new boss kill, it makes me wonder: With only 2 Heroic 25 man bosses left, & one Heroic boss in ten….what the hell do we do until the expansion? I don’t see the Ruby Sanctum occupying raiders for very long. I guess we’ll be doing alt runs until we vomit again! Wheeeeeee! Maybe my totally KICKASS warrior, Dazana, can get a Shadowmourne……

And SPEAKING of Shadowmournes – we finally completed our first one. It was the #7th in the world, and the #3rd US….granted, not much of an accomplishment when the fragments are completely dependent on RNG, but still pretty cool! Congrats to our GM, Amisaalia. He’s the same special individual that wore his chef’s hat during our first TOTGC25 Tribute to Insanity (And I’m going to lose all my DKP for bringing that up.) But it’s pretty damn  neat looking. And to say his DPS increased is an understatement. This thing is amazing.

Who is that Priest with the fine ass to the left?

Who is that Priest with the fine ass to the left?

This thing attracts people like bugs to a light

"Kiss my ass; I have a Shadowmourne!"

So that’s enough horn tootin’ for now.  We’re excited to be closing in on the end, but saddened at the same time. I strongly urge those of you to make the foray into heroic modes as soon as you can; you will enjoy it!

I’m also aware many of you are approaching the Lich King fight, or are attempting it, based on the tweets & emails I receive (and we LOVE getting them!). I apologize – I meant to have a “how to heal the LK” post awhile ago, but I’ve been swamped at work, leaving very little free time (And yes, this post is another way of me skirting a deadline….I wonder if Derevka noticed). You have my word: You’ll see it this week. I can’t let Derevka have all the fun around here.