One of the signature spells for Holy Priests is the ability to use the spell Guardian Spirit. GS is fantastic, however sometimes can require communication to prevent double duty from either the tank’s cooldown or another priest’s cooldown. Up until about a month or so ago, I had been using a macro that whispered my target should I have cast GS on them, letting them no that they have Guardian Spirit and I was watching over them… The downside to this is, should I start mashing my GS keybind and my target is out of range or line of sight, they still received the whisper spam.

Enter the mod: Guardian Spirited.

GuardianSpirited is a mod that provides whisper notification to your target, raid, raidwarning, battleground, yell, say, and/or custom channel that you have used GS on them. GuardianSpirited not only provides them notification when GS has been applied, but it also provides notification when the GS has faded. Making this even more useful it also provides notification should the GS have actually prevented a killing blow, thus not lasting the usual 10 seconds.

Above you’ll see sample GS text informing the target (via whisper) and a custom channel that GS had been applied and then subsequently faded. I HIGHLY suggest Holy Priests being sure they are running this and broadcasting in ICecrown for the Dreamwalker encounter. Timing and chaining GS for the 40% healing buff will become a pivotal role in learning the encounter.

But Derevka, I dont play Holy! I’m Disc! Why would I want this addon?

GuardianSpirited, while the name implies it is only for Holy Priests, also will make similar annoucements for:

  • Power Infusion
  • Pain Suppression
  • Divine Hymn
  • Fear Ward
  • Shackle
  • Ressurection
  • Mind Control

The menu for Guardian Spirited is accessible through the in game Menu, or by typing the command: /gs

As you can see the customization of the mod is very easy, and you can create custom messages when certain buffs are applied. (ie. “You haz Power Infusion! Pew Pew!”)

This very simple, yet effective mod has proven to be very handy in raids. While some raid members do tend to tease me for spamming the healer channel, deep down they know its valuable information.

As always, please feel free to post comments here with questions, or email the address at the sidebar of this post!

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