We did it! Took us a little longer than I think we all would have liked, but we did it. /cheer

Some tips for those healers who are doing it now.

1. Don’t bring too many healers. 6 even 5 is enough. DPS needs to be strong to take the drakes down, so you don’t have to deal with the crazy empowered Flame Breaths for too long.
2. Healer CD Rotations need to be proactive. Guardian Spirit and Pain Suppression last 10 and 8 seconds, respectively. If you know a breath is coming… cast it a few seconds early. It may very well save your life due to running from flame walls.
3. Control Ventrilo chatter. Too much noise on a very busy fight can cause a cooldown call to be missed.
4. Rotate healing assignments. If you are on the first CD for the Flame Breath, rotate to a new assignment moving the 2nd or 3rd CD for Flame Breath to move to the MT. It makes it much easier on them to watch for the Breath. We had our Disc Priest move from the Sarth Tank to the Drake Tank,a nd I moved from the Drake Tank to the Sarth Tank after the first CD was used. It really made me knowing (visually) when I should pop my Guardian Spirit.
5. Watch Sartharion, not the cast bar. He rears back before taking a breath, actually a split second or two before actually beginning the cast bar, so you get a little bit more time.

Practice makes perfect. Control the fight and it is yours.

Me and my new toy.