It is my opinion that if you have to install only one mod as a priest healer, it is Clique. Clique is very similar to mouseover macros, however it is a bit easier to set up, assign keys and buttons functions to, and can have saved profiles for different set ups or for different specs (i.e. PVP vs PVP).

If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of being able to just have your mouse over the raidframe of a target and clicking or shift-clicking a mouse button to have the spell cast, instead of clicking to target that player, then hitting your hotkey for that spell – you really should give it a try. Further you can keep your current target while still mouseover healing another. Very handy.

Clique plus a mouse with additional buttons is a lifesaver and provides lightning fast reaction time and spellcasting.

I use the Microsoft Sidewinder X8. This mouse has 8 buttons which can all be assigned (or macroed) spells though either the mouse software itself, or through the clique menu. Using a combination of the mouse’s software, macros, and Clique, I have assigned a number of spells and abilities to most of these buttons: I leave left and right click alone, however I do assign shift-left and shift-right click spells. My two most used spells I have assigned to the two thumb buttons, and of course, I have a “Oh shit!!!” GS or PS assigned. (I have even set up a Disc and Holy profile which changes some of these defaults to Pain Suppression, PW: Shield, and Penance over their Holy counterparts)

You don’t have to spend tons and tons of money on a mouse that has 5 Million buttons. While, yes, the X8 is on the higher end of the spectrum- you can even use the most basic mouse. However, in this healer’s opinion, using a mouse that at least has a couple of extra buttons that you can assign can provide your arsenal of spells a kick in the ass. Even if you don’t have the hardware available, using your mouse’s buttons to their maximum efficiency can certainly help. Assigning Alt/Shift click or mouseover macro’s to even just your left and right clicks can be a great help.

Getting used to Clique’s configuration and the ability to quickly cast spells on mouseover will take a little practice to break your old habits, but the benefits of improved reaction time is certainly worth it – and can be life saving. How many times have you seen a tank die and you’ve said to yourself, “Just a split second too slow!” That can often make or break a first kill.

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