It is here.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is in full force, and I must admit it went a lot smoother than expected. No major server outages, just a restart here and there for standard maintenance. /Clap Blizzard

I will admit, I was in line at my local Game Stop at 10:50, and I was about #30 in line. I got out of the store by 12:15, was home and my account upgraded by 12:30 and on my way to Northrend. I didn’t really do much that night, but started the grind the following day in a caffiene fueled madness.

I must admit, I look forward to raiding. I miss it. I miss the camaraderie with my guildmates, the drive to push forward… however, leveling in Wrath has been really enjoyable.

Here we go! Onward to 80 – day 2.