5.0.4 is  upon us! Soon we’ll be scrambling to do the starter quests and taking our first steps into Pandaria on the live servers. I, for one, am excited. I really am pleased with the level of polish the game has, and the raid and dungeon encounters available in Mists of Pandaria. More importantly I wanted to take the time to let people know about a new section here at Tales of a Priest that will house more “permanent pages” and pages that will be important in Mists of Pandaria.

Tales of a Priest Resources Page… it is located at the top of the page here. It currently houses the following:


Here’s a sneak peak as to what other resources and guides that are coming soon:

  • Weak Auras sorted by both Holy and Disc
  • Healing Priest Macros
  • Mana Regeneration Tools and Guide
  • Theorycrafting 101
  • Healing Simcraft Guide

Also, I want to underscore a resource that we all should be using: The HowToPriest.com forums. I have been friends with Veiled for a long time, and have partnered with her to really ramp up the Healing Forums on H2P. I urge you all to stop on by, check out the forums, ask a question, and register.  Whatchu waiting for!?

Hope you guys enjoy this new page at the site, a lot of work is being put into it!