No one likes queues to play Warcraft- duh, stating the obvious.

I can prepare to deal with over 1 hour long queues by logging in and not letting myself AFK/DC while I am cooking dinner and spending some quality time with my better half, so I can be logged in and on time for sending out 8:00 invites. I’m not happy about it, but I can deal with it.

But, having horrible lag for the last month in every zone and instance is not something I can personally deal with . This needs to be fixed, and soon. Patience is a virtue… but certainly not something all of us have. 5 Second server lag COH heals on a 5 Min Malygos 25 Achievement raid, is NOT happening. It isn’t client end Blizzard, it is server end.

But we have hope! Blizzard has finally opened the gates! They opened a large number of servers on 1/7 to have server transfers to help alleviate some of the login queues. PVE List Here and PVP List Here

More importantly, they seemed to have found the issue according to this Blizzard Post:

For the last several weeks, our players have been experiencing periodic latency in both outdoor Northrend areas and Naxxramas, and we wanted to provide you with several updates on what we’re doing to resolve these issues. As many players have discovered, the outdoor Northrend latency has been tied to activity in Wintergrasp. We are actively working on a server-side fix that should address the high latency experienced in the outdoor world when Wintergrasp is active. This fix is currently in testing on internal test realms and we anticipate that we’ll be able to push it to live realms in the near future. Concerning Naxxramas, optimizations are being made that will address both the latency and disconnection issues affecting players while in that zone. These optimizations will be included with the next minor content patch.

We appreciate your patience as we work to address these issues.

We will have to wait and see if these get fixed. I know that I am certainly getting tired of getting a 25-Man raid together to only cancel it due to unplayable server lag. Let’s really hope that 3.08 is really going to be this coming Tuesday. Perhaps tonight will just miraculously be ok, and we’ll be able to raid…

/fingers crossed