It is always interesting when I ask healers:

Why do you heal?

It is, after all, a very loaded question- and timely now that WotLK has launched. Wrath really introduced the the changes to Spellpower/Healing Power. It is now, for the most part, only a matter of +hit to transition to a Caster DPS player.

Many healers can/have/are planning to make the leap from Healer to Pew-pew! Which makes asking the question even more interesting, since many of the healers are actively choosing to stay in a healing role. Further many former healers who have migrated to DPS occasionally will say “Man, I never thought I would say it… I actually miss healing.” There must be something that is driving that statement home; but what is it?

The answer can be something as basic as “I enjoy being the one keeping my friends alive!”, or “Well, my guild needs healers… so, here I am.”. Perhaps you are very altruistic and you are all about doing it for the greater good of your Raid. Perhaps, you simply don’t like the DPS race, and you enjoy being the silent helper. Or simply perhaps, you like torturing yourself on healing intensive assignments like Kel’thuzad’s Frost Blast.

For me, it really is having a sense of “saving the day”! Being the one to land that critical heal in a clutch situation, keeping that DPSer alive who (foolishly) pulled aggro from a tank by hitting them with Pain Suppression or Guardian Spirit, or quickly adjusting to a fellow healer dying and having to keep up the tank on your first boss kill. Yeah, that’s me… wanting to be the hero, standing in the back, cursing you under my breath when you pull aggro, but loving it at the same time! You DPSers pew pew, I’ll just keep everyone alive!

I asked Matticus (of World of Matticus) and Phaelia (of Resto4Life) the same question, and I love each of their replies!

Matticus Said:

My entire gaming history has revolved around healing. Played a Monk in Guild Wars. Medic in BF1942. The list goes on. I rather play a supportive role as opposed to a front line role because I excel under those sorts of situations.

That and I can’t tank or DPS for crap so my career choices were quite limited.

I really like this, heal and play to the best of your abilities. If you excel at healing, and you enjoy it! Great!

Phaelia said:

Like many healers, I thrive on the feeling of supporting others. I enable a big, burly tank to stand toe-to-toe with a monster four times his size. I help protect over-zealous or unfortunate DPSers. It’s a tremendous rush to rescue someone from certain death, knowing that only my skill and reflexes saved them from visiting a whole different kind of healer (the Spirit Healer). When we succeed, I know with quiet surety that I was directly responsible for our success.

Of course, the pretty dresses don’t hurt, either.

Phae, we share similar rationale, and for me too… fashion before function! :-)

I end this post with a question to every healer out there…

So, why do YOU heal?