Well, WotLK is launching in 7 days (technically 6 days, 11 hours, and 41 minutes at the time of this post) and you can feel it in the air when you log onto the realms.

More and more guilds stopping raiding in effort to prep for the race to 80 and start raiding again. My guild made a conscious decision to not raid post 3.0. Call it foolhardy, call it too preemptive, or call it the right idea – I think it was a good idea, I don’t want the pity boss kills, and when you see some of the guilds and players who have been able to steamroll through Sunwell, it makes me realize I’m glad we didn’t. Though some guilds, a few on my server did a great job pushing and getting through it post 3.0, to see it done; but I’m still glad we stopped when we did.

I am on the Alliance side of US Bloodhoof, which is one of the oldest and heavily populated realms. We retired from raiding as #6 on our server(#5 Alliance) and downed Kalecgos in September pre-patch. At that point with the insane DPS buffs, and boss nerfs, we decided to hang our raiding hats and build the “chi” to get ready for a big push come Wrath entertaining ourselves with the new Achievment system, and some much needed time off before we go all out in Wrath.

Things that I am doing to prep for Wrath:

  • Completely deleting my Interface & WTF Folder and redoing my UI
    – 3.0 broke a bunch of my mods, and I never took the time in my months in Beta. I am a UI junkie. My UI will be updated hopefully by week’s end.
    My old UI

  • Finalize my spec that I will level with, I need to make some final tweaks- well that, and further decide if I am going to be leveling as Shadow (and respec to heal instances) or healing. We’ll see.
  • Be sure I have my notes ready about where I plan on starting in Northrend. Right now I am pretty sure I will end up starting in Howling Fjord for two reasons:
    1. The alchemy & herbalism trainers are there, and NOT in Borean Tundra, thus preventing me from having to bounce between the two starting zones to just level up my professions.
    2. Howling Fjord is slightly less convenient to get to than Borean Tundra, it requires a gryphon ride to Menethil Harbor and a boat ride, while BT only requires a ride from Stormwind Harbor – so hopefully the population will be a little bit lower in the Fjord.

  • Finish my projects I am working on at the office, so I can comfortably use my vacation time to level with guildies on the first few days of Wrath.

That’s all for now. More later.